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9/23/2012 c6 HisSecretLover18
9/14/2012 c9 h2olgd
Intersting story. Any chance of finishing it?
9/1/2012 c9 Guest
fun story but how could Auggie look over at Annie's narrowed eyes and see her mouth something?
9/2/2012 c9 agguielover
Loved it, Please Continue
8/19/2012 c9 Pastrychick426
Is there more, please? Insert Oliver Twist "Please sir, may I have some more?"
7/23/2012 c9 Shaq
So .. I really, really love your chapter. I know its hard and takes alot of time, but can you please, please finish this story. Its killing me!
7/24/2012 c9 Athena64
Nice story so far... and what's up with Avery... something fishy is going on... please write more? I definitely would like to see A&A kicking his brother's asses during the games... that 'd be a nice revenge for Auggie! Thank you!
7/10/2012 c9 ariah23
I can't tell you how much I love this story! Wow amazing I cannot wait until you update! Please thank you for all your hard work it is truly amazing
6/30/2012 c7 HisSecretLover18
6/20/2012 c9 2Liv it up 124
Loved this story! You really can't leave it there... It's too good to be forgotten! Please update reeeeeaaaallllyyyy soon :) Just one thing I noticed- you said Annie mouthed to Auggie "cut it out"... But Auggie's blind so he wouldn't get that ;)
5/17/2012 c9 flamingrose
Please Update ASAP
5/17/2012 c9 Helena Alexandra
yay an update! of course, i've just recently found my fics folder so its pretty old but nevermind that! this was a cute chapter, but i have the bad feeling that the bad vibes Auggie was getting from the new neighbor are going to lead to a spy vs. spy situations soon(ish) - this is gonna be fun! btw, i can't wait for some more A&A action (or rather (un)intentional teasing) and for the games to begin. with Annie on his side, Auggie is gonna cream the rest of his family
5/13/2012 c9 faeryangel
please feel free to continue PLEASE. I've enjoyed the story so far.
4/18/2012 c9 4fbobs
This is a fun read. Looking forward to reading more. You seem to have a talent for cliff hanger chapter endings. A feature.
2/15/2012 c9 HisSecretLover18
What's going to happen next? Why is Auggie getting a bad vibe from Avery Stone? Will Auggie tell Annie of his vibe or keep it to himself? Will you have Joan call them for a quick mission? I hope you update soon please.
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