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4/7/2011 c10 Stabbythings
I like this story so far it's pretty awesome.
10/11/2010 c9 1Ayaka Kanazuki
Your story is really cool, i love all the stuff you put in it like the japanesse thing's in it and especially Band! :)
10/11/2010 c9 xbrowneyedvampirex
thanks for informing me! yeah, i totally understand, school is alot for me too. i'm looking forward to the next chapter. :D

AND right now i'm giving you a virtual hug. ^^ it's really cool you play so many instruments, haha my friends are super pro at theirs. haha, sorry for my ranting, and thanks for the update~~~
9/2/2010 c7 freakyvampirecatgirl
Wow, just an pure liquid awesome story! Pure amazing. Can you pleaze, pleaze, pleaze continue writing it? Pleaze?
9/2/2010 c7 4ukrainianelfhorse
its okay if you spell my name wrong, but if you want a tip, its three parts ukrainian elf horse. and i love your story and will drake and reika later be paired up? i can't wait for the next chapter
8/24/2010 c7 xbrowneyedvampirex
YAY~ new chapter! :D And a good chapter too. xD thanks for the update and getting it done quickly~~~ you start school tomorrow? good luck! :)
8/23/2010 c6 xbrowneyedvampirex
oohh okay. x3 this was a great chapter, HAHA Reika might start to like Drake, lol. The lunch parts are always entertaining to read; and Reika is so funny, and unique in her own way. :D thanks for the update~~~
8/22/2010 c1 xbrowneyedvampirex
HAHA. i just realized this took place during marked, so you don't have to acknowledge my P.S. SORRY~
8/22/2010 c5 xbrowneyedvampirex
I freaking love this. Especially how you included the Japanese stuff and created Reika from it. I love everything about the character; she's very interesting. ^_^ I love the kitsune stuff, too, fox ears and tails ftw. :] This story is AWE-SOME. thanks for the update~~~

P.S. I don't think you need to change anything. But are you going to include Stark, Kalona, or that whole big world-destruction problem? Just curious. I'm not saying you need to include them. just curious. :DDD
8/22/2010 c5 ukrainianelfhorse
sorry i make you think i was mad, my friends call me a little strange (at best) but i love this story!
8/19/2010 c3 ukrainianelfhorse
if you continue to refuse to write more until you get more reviews, fine i'll review, but only because this story is VERY good and i want more. even if you don't ko that, i'll review every single good chapter unless i'm behind on my reading. wow, this is a long review. but good stories deserve long reviews. write more soon, please?
8/19/2010 c3 1twinsiren
Really like your story.

It's different, I haven't read anything like it.

Update soon :)

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