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1/29/2011 c2 158Clary Adele Fairchild
So I think this story would be better if Elle was aware of Peter in her body. I think struggle for control would be interesting and also humorous. This is mostly because I miss Elle's personality.
1/29/2011 c2 WGail
Great update to this interesting storyline. I look forward to reading more.
9/17/2010 c1 Gravespawn
Original idea hope you update it soon.
9/1/2010 c1 1Layla55
Wow! What a great idea! Can't wait for more :P

Update soon!
8/20/2010 c1 1Nolongeractive009
Oh I read this story on Livejournal and I meant to comment but I couldn't find it again :) Great Job, I really like this start and I hope you update the story soon :D
8/16/2010 c1 WGail
Amazing start to a very original story idea. I look forward to seeing where you take this.
8/16/2010 c1 140Gamebird
That is hysterical *and* a very original idea. Though I must say my brain is still reeling from this weekend's discovery of mpreg played straight, dramatic and well-done. (I didn't know such a thing was possible. There were even thoughtful, weighty issues of domestic abuse, consent and child custody tossed into the mix, as well as the reaction of the medical community. I was like "Whoa!")

But this is fascinatingly original as well. I particularly liked Mohinder's quote, which not only gets at a core issue I always wanted Heroes to touch on (what with the telepathy, possession and related abilities, as well as whether abilities came from the mind/soul, or from the DNA/body/glands, or if one was merely influenced by the other, or one acted as a power source for the other, and if this varied by ability... as you can see I've obsessed about it). And you hit Mohinder's narrative-y voice perfectly. It's also hilarious that you set your story up like an episode, with Mohinder's intro and a reference to the eclipse at the end.

I'm eager to see more! Subscribering Now!

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