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6/3/2016 c1 14gr8rockstarrox
I've been in this weird frame of mind today, where I've been combining various minor characters in the filters section to hit upon wonderful stories like these. Thanks for posting it. I absolutely enjoyed it. You wrote it really well, and to answer your AN, you tied it up just as well. :)
5/27/2012 c1 12disturbinglyprofound
Very sweet :D
4/3/2012 c1 2Mason and Alex
Awwww love it xD
12/12/2011 c1 42Queen Nightingale

I laughed at this part: "He's surprised by the power of her glare and almost immediately puts his legs back on the floor as he says, "I'm not a stalker."" Haha oooohkay Nott, sure you're not.

I thought it was a very cute one-shot, I particularly enjoy the way that you write dialogue, it's very smooth and you're incredibly good at it. I'm liking the characterization of Padma as both strong and fierce, as well as scared at the end. I'd love to see more from Nott :( but what I did get was his persistence, which was brilliant :)

Great job!


8/7/2011 c1 14HollyVanDerBerg
Awwwwwwn! Theo is so cute! I love this pairing
7/20/2011 c1 269Dance Elle Dance I loved this. I never really thought of this pairing before and I love what you did with this. Like, so much. Anyway, great work. would love to read more from you!
1/9/2011 c1 44a walk on the w i l d side
Wow. This is really, really good. It really is. It's amazing, and really really nice :)

9/25/2010 c1 619yellow 14
Very cute, very sweet. Tied up well enough, even if it wasn't perfect. Keep writing
9/6/2010 c1 4Muffin'sback
*smiling, just smiling*

8/24/2010 c1 42Jemennuie
I really loved the opening drabble, especially the first line. I thought the "she never smiles" thing was also a creative thing for you to have Nott focus on.
8/22/2010 c1 67daysandweeks
Gah! So, I recently wrote an entry for the forum-wide challenge that centered on Padma & Theodore. After writing it, I found they were my new OTP, haha. I searched for stories about them the other day and only found two, which I devoured. On a whim, I searched again tonight - so glad I found this, and another by you which I'm off to go read now!

I really love this pairing and you did a great job, as always!
8/17/2010 c1 37digigirl02
Cute, this is my first time reading this couple and I really liked it especailly since they keep "accidently," meeting in the library.
8/17/2010 c1 dex lucas
I love this pairing now! :) I hope you write more of this pairing. It was great!
8/17/2010 c1 106The Fourth Black Sister
Very well written and a very interesting pairing indeed. You did a great job making this believeable and I could actually see the two of them falling in love. Great job! :D
8/17/2010 c1 7L.A.H.H
Wonderful! I love how you managed to develop the characters so quickly.Thanks for writing. x
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