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10/30/2022 c14 Vesp
Świetne opowiadanie. Doskonała postać Harrego,oryginalne przygody. Szkoda,że nie skończyłeś. I tak dzięki. Pozdrawiam .
8/31/2022 c13 1inuyasha16451
Omg. This story is bloody amazing. Please please come back and update this soon
11/27/2021 c14 AgentKalGibbs
This story is brilliant, and I was saddened to reach the end of what was written (although obviously I went in knowing it wasn’t finished), thank you, it’s been a helluva ride :D
4/14/2021 c14 laaluna
Such a wonderfull story and very well written. Thank you very much. I hope you and your family are well!
1/15/2021 c1 Nightwolfxx
Lovely description!
12/22/2019 c13 bryan314
Argh, it’s just getting really good! Please continue this when you get a chance.

Thank you for the entertainment.
11/13/2019 c14 ironhair
I am genuinely surprised at how under reviewed this very well written work has been.
The lemons are interesting, the interactions fantastic, the plot awesome and I'm looking forward to the questions raised being answered as chapters progress.
How did lady Malfoy live after the attack by Voldemort? What happened to the dead goblin? What happened to lucius? Why was potter bit punished when he stole from the malfoy house?
Hope all is well and you do continue to write more.
11/13/2019 c1 ironhair
10/23/2019 c1 Tlyna52
This story was recommended to me but I see that you haven't touched it for 6 years. That kind of says no longer on hiatus but abandoned. Too bad as the summary and recommendation made it sound good. Sad to see so much work wasted but thanks to too many really good stories being dumped after I get invested in them I no longer even bother to start reading until they are completed. Will follow and read if you come back to it.
4/6/2019 c14 Motherofthehorde
it.s not finished.
and it was/is a good story.
Thank you for writing.
3/21/2019 c14 Brit4Shains
I've spotted something... 7 years and still on HIATUS?

A lack of words seems to be missing on a really great storyline...

Please remedy? soonest?
6/26/2018 c14 MoonBurner
In the chapter that you first mentioned Voldemort's attack on Malfoy Manor, it was very confusing until I read the flashback later on in the chapter. I had thought I'd missed it in a previous chapter, and even went back to look for it, before reading on and subsequently discovering that flashback scene.
4/23/2018 c14 alice22
I recently was recommended to read your stories and I hope to see a f/u some time in the future.
1/30/2018 c13 Netchka
Very interesting storyline indeed. All the stuff that happened to Harry have made him way more mature than most boys his age. Really looking forward to finding out what happens next.
10/13/2017 c14 BlueKarou79
Very unique story (Though I confess I skimmed through a lot of it). You have a fresh take on a lot of characters, and an interesting story line. You have put Harry through a crap ton of bad road, but most of it was in the muggle world. That is different then a lot of fan fics. He is, of course, running into major problems in the magically world now, but his journey there as basically just started.

He is also a killer and brutal to enemies, but still a good person with a decent moral compass (IMO). Nice balance.

I'm not actually getting the whole Narcissa as a lover thing, but whatever, it is not a road block to enjoying the story.

Your Sirius is a huge disappointment. I wish he had just looked Harry straight in the eye and said a heart-felt "I'm sorry" before flooing away. At this point he sees only his prejudices and preconceived notions and makes no effort to really figure out what is going on. He says, "She won't let us talk to him", "He is bewitched", etc., but he has not once attempted to speak to Harry (beyond one sentence). He has spoken at him, and about him while in front of him, but never attempted a conversation. (Unless I missed that while skimming, but I don't think I did.) I guess he could come back in his next interaction with Harry, and be all contrite, but it would have to be really f'en good. He was just acting like the headmaster had wronged him, and then stormed off. The headmaster had certainly wronged Sirius with his manipulation of the truth, but Harry was BY FAR more wronged by the said same manipulation, but he didn't stand-up for Harry at all.

I'm glad Harry took Hermione under his wing so fast. From their first interaction in the History class room I thought you were going to set her up as the "I know everything cause I read a BOOK about it, so you are a bad person for disagreeing with a BOOK (which since it is a BOOK *said in worshipful voice*, must be the very word of God)" persona she so often has. Funny you totally set her up that way, but then she pulled her head out of her bu** straight away, so I really liked that. I see a bit of back sliding happening in her future, but hopefully Harry can keep her from getting too bad.

Well as it has been several years since an update I doubt it will ever be finished, but thanks for what you have written.

Wow! Your take on McGonagall! The Gryfindor Snape!
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