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5/2/2011 c6 propertyofgenerallee
If i wasnt at work that last chapter, especially that last line, would have had me bawling my eyes. Super sad story, but very appropriate and true tothe show. I just watched the reunion movie yesterday too so I could totally see everything in my head...great job. I'll have to go home and cry later...
3/18/2011 c6 10JenD16
Aww the ending had me in tears.
3/18/2011 c6 Jeremy
Nice one!

Got the characterization real good.

Look forward to the next installment.
12/30/2010 c5 20JadedPhoenixBurning
Good story so far. I do have one question though. How come so many write it so that that Bo and Luke are always at odds with Coy and Vance? It doesn't really fit the story line from the ONE episode that they were all in together. Just asking.
10/16/2010 c3 168Tauna Petit-Strawn
Good job so far. Not looking foward to Uncle Jesse dying though.
9/11/2010 c2 B.L. Davenport
Very good start looking forward to reading more although I am not looking forward to what the outcome for Jesse is pointing to :(
9/6/2010 c1 69zeilfanaat
Whoops, that doesn't sound too good...

Great chapter! Looking forward to more (though you may not see me 'cause I might just be hiding behind the curtains for this one... ;)).
8/31/2010 c1 Smithy
I guess Aunt Bessie and Uncle Elbert are fine. By the way, I was one of the few {maybe extremely few} who liked Coy and Vance. And you keep the improper English in. I am not crazy about those who try to 'correct' the language of the residents of Hazzard County.
8/23/2010 c1 43Dreamer1985
don't you hate it when Time Marches on and takes someone you love with it?
8/21/2010 c1 15DixieDavenport
Great beginning but I don't think I'll like one part of the ending anymore than the rest of the family. I like that you used the settings for Bo, Luke and Daisy from the reunion. Who ever that write was made things realistic. Bo was meant to drive, Luke's Marine past gave him background for Smoke Jumping, and Daisy going away to college - I'll admit that was different from what I expected, but it worked.
8/20/2010 c1 Sarah
Wherever this goes..I'm here for the duration...I have the feeling it's gonna be good. Please update soon.

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