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for CoG: Naruto's Other Tenant

1/20/2017 c12 Guest
Samui - YES!
Kurotsuchi - YES!
Mei Terumi - YES!
1/19/2017 c11 James Harer
Ino must be in the harem
1/13/2017 c22 Guest
If you didn't know boys don't generally use watashi (you must have been on google translate) instead they use ore most commonly or boku which means the same thing but makes you seem more like a prick to most people. They all mean I though and would fit
1/12/2017 c30 3night-fang223
Glad to see you're not dead this is one of the best naruto and prototype crossovers I have ever read and I can't wait for the next chapter
1/11/2017 c30 2Reclusive Dork know, This was one of the first stories i read on fanfiction that shouted out to me, 'This is what it means to write fanfiction.' i really don't think you should let those dumb cowards who are too scared to even get an account shake you too much.

...on that note, I fogot what my original penname was, or what my penname was when I first contacted you, but this last one is the only one that I haven't decided to change after about nine months- I think it's been three years?
1/10/2017 c15 irish545
What does tummy want today
1/9/2017 c30 1Clouffie1986
Great chapter. This story has my fav OC's tied with Yet Again, With a Little Extra Help by Third Fang. Don't listen to those people who say that the OC's make the story unreadable. They are what makes it unique.
1/7/2017 c30 Akshka
I really like this please make more also the fight against Neji I want a beat down plz
1/7/2017 c30 45StallionWolf
You must have inspired Kishimoto...He made magnet release an official bloodline; wind and earth elements combined
1/7/2017 c30 PugTheMagician
I have to say i'm feeling a little let down. I mean i aint a writer so maybe its more difficult than i thought but its been years since this was last updated and this chapter just seems so short. I had actually completely forgotten about the gormim team in the exams and i am pretty sure there was some kind of drama with an anti-gormim group or something like that that i forgot about too. Anywho i like your explanation on how the byakugan works, alot more realistic than thinking they had eyes that somehow x-ray vision through their own brains and the backs of their heads. And with it being a series of seperate but multiple eyes rather than just two it definately explains how they could actually process where things they see are in relation to their body. I wonder with naruto's blacklight abilities and a little nedical knowledge would naruto be able to create a tenketsu at the byakugans blindspot thus removing the problem? I mean he did create a pair of eyes on the back of his head a while ago didn't he? How the hell did i remember that?! Kinda glad you skipped the lee and glass girl fight, not sure how you could make that not onesided. I hope you update again soon
1/7/2017 c30 Shadekiller13
so happy you updated this story, thank you
1/6/2017 c30 10Narutothedevil.dnd
Yay you back, excellent chapter. I was worried there if the blacklight would consume Hinata but you sorted that out quickly. thank goodness. So has Hinata became blacklight member too? If I remeber correctly she was injected with biomass by Naruto. Keep up the good work , have a nice day.
1/6/2017 c30 1davycrockett100
1/6/2017 c30 Rukuah
YAY you finally diced to update this story.

I hope you won't take as long to upload the next chapter.

P.S. happy new year
1/6/2017 c30 DALucifer13
how long to next chapter
as naruto has her dna could he use it to infect her safley
will naruto learn fūinjutsu properly
will naruto copy kaguya with his eye style
rinne sharingan anyone?
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