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for CoG: Naruto's Other Tenant

4/4/2021 c23 Re Lovely Lover
Doesnt he just have to not transform his vocal cords for that form?

Great chapter, though weird he didnt so much as send a clone after his teammates who were clearly attacked.
4/4/2021 c22 Re Lovely Lover
Good story so far but like practically all others its dropped.

Especially amusing when its ine with a large harem. Those with the extra large ones almost always dropped before the MC even ends up with a single girl.
4/4/2021 c20 Re Lovely Lover
Well damn. That was a heck of a chapter.
4/4/2021 c19 Re Lovely Lover
I see the started 2 years early is because if him failing twice.

I highly doubt that was the case. Rather as has been shown you CAN graduate early. I think Kakashi or Itachi were even Anbu by the time they were academy graduate age but I know both hit Jonin and Anbu early.

I simply think with everything going in and all the massive frustration he had to feel. He likely attempted early graduation twice. As in he passed normally for the year but tried to fully exit the program. By the time he was in his last normal year it didnt matter anymore because he was.. well already on his last year and that testing out was his normal passing.

It's the only thing that makes sense to me since he was their age. Rather than being placed ahead 2 years after basically raising himself.
4/2/2021 c17 Re Lovely Lover
That was an incredibly annoying forced event. Since when did non Gorem hear the voice and take control?
4/2/2021 c13 Re Lovely Lover
Really good and enjoyable.

Gotta say the alcohol thing is a bit much though. Like acid no less for mercer. Mass is mass so even if it damages the virus, any physical object like clothes or whatever shouldnt suddenly dissolve.

Also the virus is ridiculously advanced. Even if it had a weakness to it, it would be weird for it to not adapt to just alcohol.

I mean if I remember right theres organisms that can grow and thrive even in nuclear reactors and radiation.

Again it is still great though. Just saying that seemed off to me.
4/2/2021 c6 Re Lovely Lover
Earlier it said he had been to multiple Narutoversus. Why didnt he go to alternate versions of his own where others may of ended up being turned. Or save and alter those who wouldnt survive the tests? Snag a copy of the one he knows will work and make more that he can infact others with or research it better?

Seems like the obvious answer if hes looking for more people like himself or wants more like himself.
4/2/2021 c4 Re Lovely Lover
1) So there was no test exam, no ranged throwing portion, no taijutsu, just the academy 3 jutsu and they pass?

It should be his over all grades were to low. Not just failing the academy 3 portion. Otherwise Rock Lee definitely shouldve failed unless Guy got him exempt from it all.

Which also makes it insane they wouldnt let the villages Jinchuuruki be a ninja. If that was jis last possible try the Hokage wouldve/shouldve obviously stepped in and made sure he wouldnt be forced to be a civilian.

2) Also the bit with Kiba came from nowhere. If he was already pursuing her at this point then why had he never sat next to her at all to ever flirt with her. Nor notice till just then when it's his second day sitting next to her?

3) Waiting to find out why the 1,000 year old Kyuibi went with a teenage body and seemingly meek and possibly submissive personality.

If shes free from the seal since it seems she wasnt in the cage.

Finally why shes so weak she couldnt even handle the water flow in his mindscape.
4/2/2021 c3 Re Lovely Lover
Damnit I really hate it when shes made out to be a stalker. Because of one or two clips of her noticing him and hiding behind something to look at the boy she likes its automatically turned into her regularly following him around all over the village.

Which then in stories makes her aware of how hes treated and doing nothing then hated on by the author. Who conveniently ignore the list of screwed up and traumatizing things she went through and was raised through. Naruto deserves happiness because he was miserable. Hinata who also did and was smothered in stress constantly somehow doesnt.

Much like my annoyance with the earlier fanfics hating on Sakura. Which then turned into twisting her mom who I remember welcoming and being nice to Naruto when he came by to pick her up once. Making Mebuki some evil hateful witch who's often head of the civilian council that didnt even exist and somehow always has power over the ninja they shouldnt have a say in.

Then Sakura became good again but her mom stayed the hateful bad guy when she was only ever made that way due to Sakura hate.

2 of the most annoying things I see in Naruto fanfictions.

Aside from the braindead and unpleasant neglect fics that never make any damn sense that is.
4/2/2021 c1 Re Lovely Lover
Okay this is different. Apparently Kurama isnt being controlled since hes actually spoken.

The sealing is different as well. Minato didnt just come up with the idea on the spot. The seal was already a pre made precaution just in case. The Shinigami summoning was to both subdue and to cut Kuramas power in half for the sealing. That's why Jaraiya has a key for Narutos seal. If the Shinigami just made it up they wouldnt have a key.

Though then theres Mercer being brain dead and for some reason is travelling around multiple Narutoverses in his spare time.

I dont understand how he already knows the sealing is going to take place and then thinks it's a good idea to mount the Kyuubi and risk interfering with the sealing.

Yes that forced bit of informing him to piss off and go along with the Shinigami sealing him was a thing but that took place after his initial act of idiocy.

Finally there's the implied super strong world hopping Mercer that may or may not be stronger than Kurama. That somehow a god of death was unable to sense the strength of. Not even sensing his old soul where I believe it was said hes 1000 or so years old. Yet the Shinigami sensed nothing off.

Sure its potentially interesting but these things stand out to me.
9/18/2020 c1 AlphaKenny1
Sorry mate didn’t like the story
6/18/2020 c30 5RedTokyo95
I've read, and I must say, that I did love the story, but I must admit that I skipped the other parts that didn't include any of the original characters, sorry about that, I just wanted to see how things would be from this perspective, I doused off for any other scene. Sorry about that :p however, I do have an interest in the story continuation if it ever comes to, but who knows how long :"c
6/16/2020 c9 Vahnimor
The Farwalker's Quest is a really good book. if that is what you are basing Vaga on
5/30/2020 c30 jnautking
Keep up the good work
4/11/2020 c29 Chyllen
It's good but I'm not going to follow something that only gets updated every once in awhile it's been 3 years since the last
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