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for CoG: Naruto's Other Tenant

4/8/2020 c3 FriggleBerry
It’s too AU for me and I’m not a giant fan of Mercer being inside him
3/17/2020 c30 Phantom Frost
Hope this is still being worked on but i doubt it since it hasn't been updated in several year but i can still hope
1/21/2020 c5 Quantum qwazi
Your oc is so pointless and you version of Alex has killed the story I’m out
12/12/2019 c30 Borello
damnit. the story is great and i hoped to read more chapter.
10/25/2019 c30 Vampirenick
I love this story please update it!
8/24/2019 c3 Guest
Why the hell put in useless shit then dude that doesnt make since
8/7/2019 c8 scyfly
to make a new attack you just need a name a the general idea what you want
8/7/2019 c7 scyfly
so his memory is now alwase blank, ohh i knew that just didnt think to remember it...
8/7/2019 c6 scyfly
you have biomass as a body, this means the onky thing you need to train is mussle reflex and maybe chakra control. your body can mold its mussles in top shape, you can even mold your chakra coils bigger or smaller and thus increase your control.
dont worry though ive only read 1 story so far that got this
8/7/2019 c6 scyfly
his eye changed because he is becoming like mercer, a natural shape shifter. see where im going with this?
8/7/2019 c5 scyfly
you eat ppl you monster.
uhh hello which one of us has been training to become the strongest killer since the age of 8 and which has was a sientist?
8/7/2019 c4 scyfly
the constant swapping between verses is quite enoying.
mercer sending naruto back out of his mindscape is just bs. hey im writing a crossover between naruto and prototype but to not make him too OP i gonna put some bs limiters so it will follow cannon and naruto is still a weak idiot onky this time with a funny mercer side along
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