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10/13/2010 c7 1ChalagoSpace
*Shifts eyes* Hmm I feel a change in the wind for this story...great! This means that it won't just stop with Ichi and Grimm being a couple right? That's cool, this story would've felt too short if you'd dropped it there ^^ Though now I'm curious to read more.

*giggles* I love the scene where Grimmjow is on top of Ichi and Nel's just drooling and smiling in the background XD That was a pure win for me. Thank god the child hasn't had the 'talk' yet huh? XD Keep up the great work!
10/11/2010 c4 AnimeLuvv
Oh i love their adventures in the gay bar! how cutee lolz
10/11/2010 c7 25O.o.O.Flame Belt.O.o.O
YaaaY! A new chapter~~ I'm sooo happy that you updated soon~~

Ichigo is an idiot! Of course Grimmijoe loves him! what did he expect? *Baka Ichigo!*

Awwwwiii~ Cute Nel! I'm happy that she helped Grimmijoe in stradling ichigo! HAHAHA!

I reaaaally want to know the bad history between Grimmijoe's step father and Ichigo's father. What the hell did happen between those two? Well~~~ I hope that I'll find out soon~~

UPDATE! Pweaaaase ^^

Take Care~~

10/9/2010 c7 8Strawberry-Ringo
Gah! Grimm finally confessed! But...if Ichigo was in front of his house, doesn't that mean his father probably saw them?

Please update soon ^^
10/9/2010 c7 3blackcherry21
aizen didn't run over misaki with a car did he? sorry the thought just randomly popped into my head, anyway, can't wait for next chappy!
10/9/2010 c7 2BettyeK
Uh-oh...Poor Ichigo...with all those emotions running wild...he needs a valium LOL, but maybe he'll settle down before class...unless Isshin is waiting to have yet another talk about Grimmjow!

Its still looking interesting...and did you say "plot thickening ahead?" Awesome :) Well, I'll be waiting with bells on for the new chappy :)

10/9/2010 c7 4lemonlimediddies
wow that was really intense! i liked how nel accidentally helped her brother out with ichigo! how cute was that?
10/9/2010 c7 1Evil-Peach
Grimm and his inability to explain his feelings always makes me want to give him a hug... and even more so if i didnt think he'd kill me .

Great chapter cant wait for the next
10/9/2010 c7 7shadowX101
10/9/2010 c7 1BreathexFreely
I was grinning like an idiot through this whole chapter :D

damn, they're just so CUTE together 3 :D

can't wait for the next chapter (: Update soon!
10/9/2010 c7 28bloodytears87
yay! so happy they finally got together! cant wait for the next one this is getting really intersting
10/5/2010 c6 11Cherry-Starburst
Woo, go Ichigo! Bet he's been dieing to do that
10/5/2010 c6 8Strawberry-Ringo
*giggles insanely* Grimm kissed Ichi~! It's morning and you have made my day all the better. I loved this chapter and can't wait to see how this affects their relationship!

Please update soon ^^
10/4/2010 c6 7shadowX101
YAAAAAAY! FOR GRIMMICHI MOMENT! but also go ichi...grimm probably deserved it...more grimmichi moments next chapter? *excited gleam in eyes* I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER! PLS PLS PLS HURRY! 8D 8D 8D!
10/4/2010 c6 Paninibunny
This was a wonderful chapter. The ending was ironically funny to me:)! Can't wait for the next chapter^-^!
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