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10/4/2010 c6 Wheatly
.. why'd u have ichi punch him! it ruined the whole atmosphere! now they ganna be angry and not have wild sex ... :/
10/4/2010 c6 1Evil-Peach
Nel is just too cute ^^ this is the first story i've read where she's a kid. And Ichigo punching Grimmjow at the end was priceless . great story so far can't wait for the next one
10/4/2010 c6 25O.o.O.Flame Belt.O.o.O

It was great! this chapter was awesome! And it's long as i like it!

Nel and Yachieru Team! wow, i didn't expect that ^^ soooo cute!

Woah! that means kinpachi will be there too? OH MY GOD! I really want to read the next chapter now!

BANZAI for grimmijoe! Finally he did it! (I really don't know if Ichigo's punch was a good thing or a bad thing! *sigh* i'll have to wait for the next one to see that, right?) Don't make me wait longer! Okay? T_T *Puppy eyes!*

Take Care~~

10/3/2010 c6 3blackcherry21
yay! can't wait for next chappy!
10/3/2010 c6 28bloodytears87
damn that was a cute chapter! poor grimm got punched lol cant wait to see whats gonna happen next!
10/3/2010 c1 3Vikishus
OMG! You need to continue this story! I'm rooting for you! WHOOT! WHOOT!
10/3/2010 c6 2BettyeK
Yep...I liked that ending... I was laughing so hard... serves Grimm right... LOL. I'm glad school isn't kicking so hard at you and as for editing... this looked fine to me. Thanks for getting it updated... and until the next one...

10/3/2010 c6 5ToxicCottonCandy
Well, that was great! Ah, my parents must think I'm insane now, 'cause when Ichigo punched him, I laughed. They looked at me like I grew three heads. But I digress. I loved this chapter, and I just love this story in general!
10/3/2010 c6 BreathexFreely
yay they kissed xD good chapter (:
10/3/2010 c6 2123lookatme
0_0 you give me more than i have ever hoped for in life. hell yeah i like the ending! that was so awsome in so many ways I dont even know what to say. Are Shinji and Nnoi going out or what? And I love how Nel is the anchor that pulls them both together. beautiful. wondeful. yummy. So yummy, I'm going to re read it =D
10/3/2010 c6 13Kazakun08
-fanboymore- Holy Cookie and Cream! did not see that ending coming! Ichigo! HOW COULD YOU! ((thought I will say my inner self was like HELLS YEA PAYBACK! xD!)) Grim you better get better ^_^ we cant have you being sick and all you know ^_^, lol but yess omg ! I just came home from eating some Subway with sis and bets bud happy belly and BAAM! you update your fic! you just make my night soo Awsome its not even funny! and for that I thank you ^_^, please keep up the good work please! Know that this fanboy will forever love your work ^_^ !
10/3/2010 c6 4lemonlimediddies
that was aaaammmmaaaazzziiinnggg. your such a good author:D you make me happy!
10/3/2010 c5 Wheatly
awwww... i like it. i have a faint feeling of confusing. might be cause im not wearig my glass's so everything is blurry and mixed up a tad thought haha. good stuff
9/26/2010 c5 Paninibunny
Wonderful chapter,I do hope you will post the next chapter soon:)!
9/25/2010 c5 13Kazakun08
-fanboy mode- Yesss! This is by far the best Ichigo/Grimmjow ive read~~~! booya! =D!1, please! please! with lots of sugar and a Strawberry on top update as soon as you can ^_^~! my fanboy~ness needs to know what happens next!
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