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9/24/2010 c5 2RinLune
More! Please, I'm praising you at your feet kissing them. I love this story a bunch and hope you update it soon! Please, please, please!

Chu ~3

~From your begging fan.
9/22/2010 c5 2BettyeK
Great job! I know that Renji is out of the picture... but does he find someone else...? I know that they never made the whole "still friends speech" but maybe...? Hopefully? I like the story... and it's coming along nicely.
9/19/2010 c5 3blackcherry21
yay can't wait for next chappy!
9/19/2010 c5 8lover1492
aww im kinda sad 2 c their relationship end
9/18/2010 c5 BreathexFreely
awww Renji and Ichigo breaking up was so sad D:
9/18/2010 c5 offs
Wow! I am loving this story so far, your writing style is perfect for the genre and the plot it just - awesome! I love the way that Renji and Ichigo broke up (a kinda sad thing to say ... but anyway) - it wasn't too cruel but it was accepting enough for both of them to get closure ... kinda.

And I simply *adore* Nel in this fiction! She's so cute, and it's really fitting that she is so attatched to Ichigo so soon after meeting him :) That's about one of the only cannon things in this AU, huh? :P

Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the awesome work! I'll be looking forward to seeing how Ichi and Grimm's relationship develops from here on!

9/18/2010 c5 Bouboune I'm french
Thanks! Love it! ^.^
9/18/2010 c5 123lookatme
whaaa they broke up! im pretty sad too! that was so painful! not cool, neko, not cool at all T_T but once again grimm is being such a butt! he needs to just admit that he wants him some ichi. urh i wanna just punch him in his little blue face. ugh. oh and i know nnoi was supposed to be scary but...i thought he was being incredibly hot so...either im a sicko or he was just trying to be cute. lol
9/18/2010 c5 7shadowX101
...lolz that breakup almost had me crying...=D ...i cant wait for the next chapter^^!
9/17/2010 c5 28bloodytears87
i love it but i felt sad about the brake up tho but it was still great cant wait for more!
9/17/2010 c5 8Strawberry-Ringo
I guess I feel sad for the two of them too, since they dated for 4 years! Freakin' long time...but at the same time I'm happy they broke up. It gives Grimm and Ichi a chance to explore their own feelings for each other.

Please update soon ^^
9/13/2010 c4 Paninibunny
This is wonderful :D! Please update soon!
9/12/2010 c4 8lover1492
oh man i can so guess who was behind him. cant wait 4 next chap
9/11/2010 c4 4flour-chan xXx SSS
OMFG! WOW LOVE IT! can't wait for next chappie! this rules!

hana x [A.B.L.K]
9/6/2010 c4 7shadowX101
lolz...well congrats've found your man...XD lmao...=) i think the next chapter should open up with grimmjow and his thoughts of dancing with ichi...X] lol =) i so cant wait for the next chapter^^! PLS PLS PLS HURRY!
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