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7/27/2005 c5 25otahyoni
Dang. That was...dang. I didn't get anything accomplished at work today because I was (surreptiously) reading this story. Your style is completely addictive. And the tragedy! Oh, the tragedy.

Dang. You're good.
5/18/2005 c5 oshgpoehrm
WHAT? This deserves re-reading. It's amazing, really. It made me dislike Vaughn again, yay! Oh, I get it. Sorry, I just had a realisation. Now I get it. Ok, it's less 'WHAT?' now.

It's really, really, really amazing. So very amazing, and incredible. And well written. I worship you now. I offer you teddy bears, and bestow upon this story, the honour of being on my favourites list. Well done!
3/24/2005 c5 8lyner
wow. that's.. that's really good. my favourite's the title. :)
6/10/2002 c5 Rach
Hey, I just read this again. I love it. Just love it. :)
3/28/2002 c5 2emma-spy
Wow! This story was absolutely amazing! Hands down, best fanfic I've ever read! You reached the perfect equilibrium between following the show/characters and creating an alternate universe! Please write more Alias fanfiction...please!
3/27/2002 c5 13Terin
Wow. I just read the whole thing. This is a very, very good story. It is also a very warped story (not to mention confusing)...but that's okay, it's a very good kind of warped and confusing:). It is extremely well written, and I hope to read more stories from you.
3/27/2002 c5 5TheLadyofShalott
Wow. That was amazing...really well written. I loved it.
3/27/2002 c5 kim
wow, really, really, good. kind of hard to follow, but amazing
3/27/2002 c5 17Rach3
Ohhh yay! ::smiles:: Thanks, Kat...the epilogue was exactly what I needed. Now I can finally sleep at night. :) You've written the best Alias fan fic out there...I do hope to you write more...:)
3/27/2002 c5 44angela evans
This has got to be the best ending ever . . . Fabulously done, Kat :)
3/27/2002 c5 Jen
Thank you. :-) That was absolutely brilliant!

And now I can go back and read the whole thing all together. [g]
3/26/2002 c5 12phriendly11
sobbing. Totally sobbing. This was the best damn story ever. I loved it. So much. I got caught in all the twists and turns, and I just adored every last second of it, to the lovely, wonderful, end. Jack Bristow- my goodness, that was so beautifully written. I just started crying. It was so wonderful, and just kept going, so lovely, so lovely. Kat, thank you for this brilliant, brilliant piece. I just can't thank you enough. I love the fact that I was always on the end of my seat, with emotions running hot and furious, and that I was always amazed with your outstanding writing style. And that I was madly impressed with the ending, that...ending, like. Wow. I am just so happy. Thank you.
3/26/2002 c5 6Ashni
Beautiful, Kat-just beautiful. :-) I'm speechless. There are no words to describe how amazing this fic is. -Nicole
3/26/2002 c4 44angela evans
Dayuum, girl . . . that was absolutely beautiful. Dark, depressing, and damn good. Damn.
3/25/2002 c4 6Ashni
Oh my god...I have to admit something. I didn't read this when you first published it here. I must've been really tired or something, because as soon as I started reading it again I was hooked. This is so so depressing, but so so good. And I'm not crying-quite-but I know if I even look at a single word in this last part I will. Considering that I've never done more than feel sad during other Alias fics...amazing. Absolutely amazing.

And you know what? I think I'm glad I didn't read it when it was first published, because I would've gone absolutely mad waiting for each part to come out! lol! In any case, wonderful job, I'll be waiting anxiously for the epilogue (Lord and Lady will I be waiting), and I hope we see more Alias fic from you soon after! (Despite the fact that if you do so, Kleenex will be sending me a personal thank you for supporting their product.)

- Nicole
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