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7/3/2011 c3 Kita-Kawashi
I like this story so far. It is sometimes hard to find good fics on Durarara. Keep up the good work.

6/29/2011 c21 3star-gazing-in-LA
Whoa! What happened to Izaya...? Why is he in jail? ;A; -shock- I can't wait to find out! I like the fluffy moments in here~ I'm glad you updated!
5/12/2011 c20 SaiyukiGokuLuver
OMG luv this story cant wait to read what happens next D
5/11/2011 c20 North South Story
OMG. I FREAKING LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH. XD I'll stop the fangirling now. I love IzaRio sooooo much~ And is Izaya JEALOUS? OMG. YAY. Their relationship's developing. :D:D:D:D I hope you update soon. PLEASE update soon. omg please D: Anyway, GREAT fic, some spelling and grammar issues here and there, but all in all, AWESOME. Keep it up! I'll be waiting for the next chapter~ ;D
4/15/2011 c20 Guest
Love the story and the pairing. Things are starting to get interesting between kasuka and izaya ^^ update soon please
4/11/2011 c20 star-gazing-in-LA
AAAAWWWWW is Izaya jealous? LOL! 3 I really loved this chapter, you do such good work on all of them! Can't wait for the next chapter!

PS: I agree, you described that "Yuuhei" was another character in the real world ^ ^ /3
4/11/2011 c20 NamineRoxas
This just keeps getting better and better and more interesting33333 I wonder how Izaya and Kasuka are going to react towards each other now.
4/10/2011 c20 Minji-V
Again, bravo on keeping Izaya's character so true X3 Can't wait for the next chappy :3
4/9/2011 c19 NamineRoxas
awwww... damn you izaya for forcing rio into something she has never done before XD
4/7/2011 c19 5Heiwarish
4/7/2011 c19 3star-gazing-in-LA
OHMYGOSH PERFECT! HAHA I can't wait for the next part! It's going to be amazing! ^ ^ 3

Good luck! *thumbs up* 3
4/6/2011 c18 star-gazing-in-LA

But I am In LOVE with this story and can't wait for more updates! It's wonderful and I'm in love with this pairing! 3 3
4/4/2011 c18 NamineRoxas
This is the best IzaRio fanfiction I read compared to some other ones which didn't make much sense. I also love where this story is going and I love Mika and Rio's friendship as well as Kasuka and Rio's :D I also like how you made Izaya stay in character and how you made him turn into a softy a bit :D Keep up the good work! I'll be looking forward to the future chapters‚ô•
3/28/2011 c18 Minji-V
I wanna be mad at Izaya but it's too hard XD I like how you keep it true to his real character. Can't wait for the next chap :3
3/19/2011 c17 Minji-V
My favorite durarara fanfic so far :3 so sad when I got to the last chapter though ;w; hope the next one comes out soon :3
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