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3/16/2011 c17 5Heiwarish
Ohh Dear! I really loved this! Awesome Job! It's nice to finally found a fanfic of this pair.
2/7/2011 c1 shu-chan
aaaaaaaaaah i want to see next so badly.
1/15/2011 c13 16dofu
"wait, what" Indeed!

Ah, I've been anxiously waiting for this chapter for days!

Has Izaya been drinking at a bar this whole time while Rio wondered where he's been?

And an unexpected turn of events at the end XD Oh my god.
1/5/2011 c1 16Zaru
Hey, can you open your message option on your profile? I want to discuss some stuff with ya
12/30/2010 c12 astudyinwhy
Ohhhh~ I like how you ended this chapter, so much meaning in the last paragraph. Actually, I liked last chapter too. Izaya had been acting OOC sometimes and I wondered if he had been waiting for that sort of opportunity.

I like your story a lot, I think if you had someone to edit and proofread your grammar mistakes that you have in the chapters, I think this could be a really big hit :3 3
12/29/2010 c12 Kirumii
It's so nice to see how Mika cares about Rio and will do whatever it takes to hide Rio :DD And omg Izaya so much like a stalker here lol xDD And omg the ending...the ending! Will this finally be mutual love between Rio and Izaya? OMG PLEASE YES! Can't wait for the next chapter 33
12/28/2010 c12 16dofu
Aw, I like how close Mika and Rio are getting as friends ^^ I wouldn't find it surprising that Izaya would resort to those kind of tactics to get Rio back, and yet I still find it shocking that he would do those things...

I was somehow hoping Kasuka would show up in this chapter as I read it, but that's alright. It was satisfying none the less :)

I wonder if Rio's feelings for him will become mutual soon. I hope so.
12/24/2010 c11 dofu
Rinthu...I kinda like that name now XD

It's sweet that Kasuka listens to Rio's troubles. I feel sad for Rio that Izaya is only hurting her :(

ps; i have fallen for you. have my babies :'D
12/24/2010 c10 dofu

Izaya what's up with you still toying with her? D: But it was very in-character ^^ I enjoyed this chapter a lot. And the hug...was so cute. *squee~*

Oh, and Merry Christmas Eve/Merry Christmas depending on where you are ^^;
12/23/2010 c7 astudyinwhy
omg please update this whenever you can, soon hopefully! I've always loved this pairing a lot :3
12/23/2010 c9 dofu
Fast indeed~. I'm loving the quick updates! It's like the best Christmas Presents for me~

lol it's not coincidence... IT'S FATE lolol *shot*

I absolutely love Kasuka and Rio's interactions together. The last line had me cooing~

I hope you'll continue this unbelievably fast updates ^^
12/22/2010 c8 dofu
y-you updated again. *hyperventilates*


I absolutely cannot wait to see where this leads to! Hm, Valentines Day. I wonder if Rio will even make chocolates XD Something tells me Izaya never received Valentines chocolates in his life aside from his sisters and mother... ;u;
12/22/2010 c7 dofu
*spazzes* OMGOMG KASUKA! *tears of joy* He finally made a appearance! It's early morning and this update literally is making my day!
11/14/2010 c6 9ninja-alchemist47
I really like this one. ALOT. please continue despite the slight OOCness of Izaya i think its well done though you can stand to add a touch more detail. all in all its wonderufl and i'd like to read more soon!
11/11/2010 c6 kanae.chi
i really liked this chapter, it's soooo cuute!

Hehehhh, izaya should never say that about a woman's body :P
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