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for WIMTLC Side Scenes

2/14/2013 c7 116Lialane Graest
This was an awesome update :D So glad that you did :D
7/8/2011 c5 5II Renegade II
I think i just fell in love with the way you write about this pairing...you are incredible! Can't wait for more chapters x3
6/14/2011 c1 11Ayu-Dev
Gorgeous! Makes smoking sound seductive O.o
2/27/2011 c4 35Redmage2
Man, I love these, too, and how they add to the dynamic in the main storyline. Thanks for posting them!

Have you ever linked one of your stories from the lj community shibusen? I don't remember seeing any posts about them over there, and that's often how I avoid having to read through the OOC and OC stuff that litters this site. It might give others a chance to find your work.
10/15/2010 c4 4Lil'Shiro's Stalker
In all honesty I can see this hapening. After all, even Medusa can't be ammune to madness. It's nice to see/read her vulnerable; it makes me hate her less.
8/21/2010 c1 59ToastWeaselofDOOM
I was disappoint in Stein when he started smoking again. e_e

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