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for A Dragon at Heart

8/26/2010 c5 10SONofAPOLLOx
Pretty good chapter. But when Grandle was supposed to make a decision and Asher told Grandle to sacrifice him, wouldn't Grandle protest or something? (Its probably confusing tou you but check the last paragraph before the Dark Magician's POV. Another thing is, you keep spelling Grandle wrong. The correct way is Grendel. I found a few more mistakes, but other than that, it was pretty good. Keep writing.
8/25/2010 c4 SONofAPOLLOx
Good chapter. There were a couple mistakes, like when you you put a comma instead of a period. There were some other mistakes, but other than that, I liked it and I'll be waiting for your next update.
8/25/2010 c3 SONofAPOLLOx
Pretty good chapter. But why does Dragon kill all the mages he finds? Anyway, I found several minor mistakes, which don't need to be fixed. Well, waiting for your next update
8/24/2010 c2 musicalbox
No, I never said that. Read it again. It was to replace "and some survivors were" with "was" which changes it to: "Me was behind an old, wooden shelter, trying not to die, or at least die in one bullet hit." Does it sound right to you? I was hoping you could find the grammar mistake yourself. The mistake here is that, instead of "Me" you use "I" and switch the wording around to "The survivors and I".

And where is the next chapter!
8/23/2010 c2 SONofAPOLLOx
Your story is pretty good so far. But there were some spelling mistakes. Other than that it was okay and I hope you update soon.
8/22/2010 c1 musicalbox
Me and some survivors were behind an old, wooden shelter, trying not to die, or at least die in one bullet hit.

Replace "and some survivors were" with "was" and you'll get. Me was behind...

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