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for Marital… Or, um… Maternal Duties

1/6/2014 c7 BadBoy8
This story would be rated PG-13 for thematic elements including emotional moments, suggestive content and some language.
3/14/2011 c7 CarmillaD
OH, MY GOD, I'm SO SORRY for being so late T _ T. College and work are driving me insane, but I could never leave my beloved fics ^_^. Haha, I had fun with the references to the sometimes hard to handle elder women of the family, the same goes for Lindsay saying that she couldn't handle 'baby juice and goo'. Wow, thank you so much for the cameo, I LOVE IT! *^O^*. I can't describe how honored I feel. Not only I simply adored the nurse outfit you gave me, but you hit the nail in the head too: When I was a little girl I wanted to be a nurse since my mom worked as a laboratorist in a hospital.

Uh, oh, I wonder if Katie will handle the idea of a Caesarean. Breech babies can actually be delivered by natural birth, but as far as I know there's still some polemic about which one is the best way to bring them to the world. Please, continue soon
3/11/2011 c7 65Sakura Blossom Storm
Bass Ackward? You have no idea how long I looked at that and laughed!

I loved this! Yay Baby Khenan is coming! Hopefully in the next chapter Katie will be a Mommy!

I really love where this is going but...once Katie has the baby will that be it? Or will there be more surprises along the way? We'll just have to wait and see what you come up with!

Or I had a you think DJ might have a bit of a freak out since the last time he was in a delivery room with his wife...she died? I don't know, it might just be emotional memories and stuff like that and the whole situation of his Son being 'Breech' might make him a bit upset? Just a thought!

Keep up the great work! :)
3/9/2011 c7 7Mr. Panama Red
I have to say, this was a very sweet chapter. It was nice to see all the supportive friends that DJ and Katie had.

To be honest, I felt that this story lacked conflict up until now. Now I'd like to see where this whole "breech" thing goes. It was also a nice touch, giving CarmillaD a cameo, though she hasn't been around here in a while.

Anyway, it was a good chapter.
1/20/2011 c6 65Sakura Blossom Storm
One word: Owww!

Poor Katie!

Still, this chapter was very good, I tell you what I genuinly thought that it was the baby that was making her like this and she was going to go into an early labor, but now its ok, Katie just got her pooper blocked XD

I'm assuming that the surprise is a baby shower? Or I don't know now since it was supposidly cancelled...What have you got planned woman!

I can't wait to see what happens next! Keep up the great work! :)
1/12/2011 c6 1Lil0Vampy
I absolutely love how lovely this story is coming along! :D
1/6/2011 c6 CarmillaD
Haha, that story about Lindsay messing up the conference call makes me relate her even more with Amanda Seyfried, considering she did the same in "Mean Girls". I think these lines were pretty clever:

"You could say Karma is a female dog. But, hey it's not her fault curiosity kills the cat. Or in Katie's case, Karma makes the Katie as sick as a dog."

"Expect he did have to grab a blanket or a stuffed animal and he didn't have to put on slippers."

I guess it should've been "didn't" in this part. Curious to think is still plausible in DJ's case considering he still had a teddy bear even as a teenager *^_^*

All the constipation problem is a funny anecdote about Katie's pregnancy... Although maybe it would be the best to not talk about it with others ^_^U. Hum, maybe the surprise is that the baby's room is complete and simply fantastic. Well, we'll find out in the next chapter. Please, continue soon
1/4/2011 c6 13John Morrison Invades TDI
Yeah the "troll" stories. A troll is someone who posts garbage that often violates the rules here. Those are just flashes in a pan, and for the time being don't see the trolls around. Anyway, this was a great update. There was a cliffhanger at the end, but that actually made me interested to see what was in store.
1/4/2011 c6 Kool Broadway Reader
sorry I don't feel like logging. In

Oh my God... That was too funny...poor Katie though. And Leah has such a big heart...

Mind explaning the troll story thing to me? I saw one and I am a bit unsure of what they actually are... Thanks.
11/24/2010 c5 CarmillaD
P.S: Katie's dirty talk for DJ in Spanish made me laugh a lot XD. Oh hoho, who could've thought she had it in her. His reaction when he finds out what does it mean must be hilarious.

Again, please continue soon
11/24/2010 c5 CarmillaD
Wow, I'm so sorry for taking so long to read this chapter! You did a great job with it, thank you so much for including the idea of DJ's mom been a little nagging and talking with him about Katie and Heather. Here are some little notes:

-I think it could be better to say Katie only changed of HAIRSTYLE four times in her life instead of cutting her hair after years: Hairs grows 5.90 inches per year, which means Katie's hair would be 4.92 feet long after ten years! That's my height X _ X.

"DJ gave her son a hug from the side."

-Hehe, I guess it should be DJ's mom instead ^_^U

"DJ took the bowl full of tomatoes, basil, cilantro, onion, and Jamaican annatto and poured it into the pot on the stove which held a boiling mixture of vinegar and virgin olive oil. The various herbs and vegetables made a sizzling sound as soon as they splashed into the pan. A fusion of sweet, savory, and spicy scents mixed in the air to create a mouth-watering aroma that filled the air of the home."

-You did a fantastic job with that description, I could almost taste and smell everything... Yeah, I got hungry after that part XD.

I liked a lot the DJXHeather flashback too. Oh, and you chose a very good name! The story behind it is really touching, just like the meaning: "Rising sun". And is Jamaican! Hum, I should check the other name they're going to consider to see if it sounds better as the first or the second name.

Please, continue soon.
11/24/2010 c5 Princess Absahail
*sigh* Good ol' Mama DJ! She's always there to lend a hand and offer advice. I just hope that my Mother-in-Law is just as caring when the time comes. I love the backstory you gave DJ's father, it was sweet and memorable without being sappy. Thanks for writing a memorable story! It always makes my day :)
11/22/2010 c5 10Kool Broadway Reader
I almost cried at the end...

But I like the baby's name. I looked the name up, although I don't know where you got it from.. I do know it means rising sun and the orgin is jamican. I'm anxious to find out where you got it though. :)

Definatly worth the wait! :)
11/22/2010 c5 25babydon'tletmefall
Uh... Isn't Khenan a type of car? XDDD

I don't know, anyway, awesome chapter. ;) I feel bad for poor DJ's mom... DX What idiot kids...
11/22/2010 c5 13Islanda
It was definitely worth the wait for sure! It was a nice, long detailed chapter, and I loved it! A lot! I'm not sure where Khenan comes from, but I'm sure I'll find out soon! (:
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