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8/23/2010 c1 drakean
This story has potential. It is the only Naruto/femZetsu story I've ever seen. It's a bit vague, but that's understandable if it's just a plot bunny you pinned down or some other random crap. I hope you decide to give it a bit more attention then as just time waster, mainly because I want to see where you take it in the future.

Keep it up.
8/23/2010 c1 1XBlack ReaperX
Lmao holy shit this was your

Lol I really didn't read the author when I reviewed ur other story

Anyways great story lmao
8/23/2010 c1 kurokitsune666
Its an interesting story so please update again soon!
8/23/2010 c1 18JK10
wow this is the first time i have seen a female zetsu. good luck with this side story
8/23/2010 c1 fanofmany
O_O OOOOH pretty intresting a female Zetsu? haven't see that pairing yet.
8/23/2010 c1 3GideonBlue631
I hope to see more soon it looks good
8/23/2010 c1 Lykaos
Hmmm. Interesting. I got a suggestion though. Instead of using the First Hokage's bloodline, why don't you use Kurama's abilities in Yu Yu Hakusho.Since plant isn't the first Hokage's bloodline. It'd be much better I think :P

Anyway. Goodluck and Ja Ne!
8/23/2010 c1 craad
the first hokages bloodline only used wood not plants wood like bark or fucking pencils not plants wood
8/22/2010 c1 Trickster King Chaos
I'm really looking forward to what you got planned for this story, seems pretty awesome already. Trickster King Chaos signing out, peace.
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