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10/12/2015 c9 1Anko4Life
I love this story and can't wait for more chapters
8/28/2015 c9 PugTheMagician
i like this story mostly because it is both lighthearted and gory at the same time. kuruma is just great, especially how you have naruto able to harm him comically. this is the first fem-zetsu story i have ever read so i'm liking what little i've seen so far.
8/24/2015 c3 Guest
U should have made sasuke female
3/7/2015 c8 Guest
Ah. The cannibalism is a nice touch. I wonder who Kyuubi is praying to? Probably his old man, The Shinigami, or Kami or something. I can just imagine that scene, the thugs crucified in rows of nine, The Kyuubi's crimson eyes the last thing they ever saw other than darkness. But seriously Kyuubi antics are both funny or scary or creepy, sometimes like that at the same time. That is some insanity, not the batshit crazy outwardly stuff, but the insanity you think they don't have intil they snap or show you for entertainment which is entertainment in their sick, sadastic, twisted minds. And nobody else other than the insane one's prey will know... Yet. Because the prey is already dead, their souls lined up crucified in rows of nine, crimson eyes the last thing they ever see. I have created that scene here:
I don't know what's happening. It wasn't supposed to be this way. They were supposed to be worn out, easy kills for money. Heck, Blood Leaf was tired! He was panting! Why did I ever except this? I should've known! In the bingo book he was SS class! Why? Her voice taunts me, saying "you are now our lunch!" In that voice as soft as silk. I stare. Blood Leaf, his head. That fur, it looks like blood! His teeth, as sharp as The Shinigami's knife. He opens his mouth wide, getting closer to Gato. There was no sound. Blood Leaf's jaws had just clamped down on Gato's head, like one of those things in the movies where it's holder says "action!" I stare down at my feet. I don't want to look anymore. He's horrible, inhuman! Even then it feels like they're taunting me, that horrible moss intertwined around bones. My eye catches on a ribcage. I shiver. That's all I would be, soon. Then I hear his voice. "Die." Then that moss stabs me in the heart. I feel nothing. They say you stay conscious a few moments after being stabbed in the heart. I guess that's true, I think, as I stare a my own blood adorning the bloody moss. And it's crimson, as red as The Blood Leaf's head, covered in that fur, and those white eyes and jack'o'lantern smile on his face. I close my eyes, then open them. Where am I? In hell, heaven? Then I hear a voice. "They say it's polite to pray before the meal." All of a sudden, I'm crucified. I see my fellow thugs beside me, crucified also. I almost chuckle, I'm not dieing alone. They're going with me. I see a fox, it's eyes as red as the blood that adorned the vine I have died on. His humanoid form is bowed in prayer. Nine tails are behind him, going upwards over his head like he was sitting on a crimson throne, red with the blood of those he killed. "Amen." I hear him say, as darkness consumed everything except the fox's eyes. They were crimson. I see them flash before my eyes, the last thing I ever saw, before I went to where we go after death. All I saw, was those bloody crimson eyes.
This drabble is titled, Those Bloody Crimson Eyes.
2/11/2015 c9 uzuuchi007
8/17/2014 c9 Guest
i have to say this is interesting
8/13/2014 c9 Lord Asmodeus
That was hilarious! Such wonderful methods of death. The cannibalism was quite fun to read as well. Well done. You deserve praise after something as interesting as this.
7/29/2014 c9 Bloody leaf
I have to give you major f****** props for this story it's f****** awesome!
6/9/2014 c3 IK
That's a nice looking "pole" you got there. Looks to be at least 3'. ;3
4/26/2014 c3 TheCutestLilPrincess
Mind implosion: Inserted
3/15/2014 c1 KamiIsGod
The first is longer than my chapters at least be proud and nice story! ;)
3/7/2014 c9 Unnatural Reader
Man what am awesome story, I hope you update this as this pairing is VERY hard to find let alone done right
3/7/2014 c8 Unnatural Reader
Wow, really cool job here, glad to see gato die with such fear in his heart
3/7/2014 c4 Unnatural Reader
This was cook, seeing some of their past
3/7/2014 c2 Unnatural Reader
Great job, the bingo book entry was cool but I'm getting the feeling of a super op naruto, which is always great
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