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for Love Me Chronicles: The Down To Earth

7/2/2012 c18 3Snowflake1515
really good story so far i really enjoy it i hope that you keep up the good work :) please post a new chapter soon! :)
7/31/2011 c18 2hummel-Anderson girl
Just letting u know: I'm in complete love with ur story!
7/28/2011 c18 WOLFGAL-JasperSaysRelax
aww, so glaad Brokkiee's bacck! bless embry's little heart:D3

so what's gonna happen with evie? Is she gonna wake up? Is she gonna die? Please tell me she's not gonna die- owh i dont want her to die! I'm kinda hyper- I had lots of fruit pastelles3

i lovee embrry! way way mucch! lovee it3
7/27/2011 c18 2CentrumPermanebit
I loved this chapter! It was so good. :P I loved the last line the most, though. XD I forgot, why does she hate her Mom so much? :o Is it because she lied to her about her Dad? Or something else?

Please update soon. (:
5/1/2011 c17 elmostonergirl

3/15/2011 c17 ILoveTheBoyWithBread
another great chapter but it was too short
3/14/2011 c17 mrs.sethclearwater
Noooooooooo ! U can't stop ther ! U evil person ! Hehe jk but tht is da worst place to stop ! Uplaod more for da sake of my sanity ! * no I'm not gonna go all pshycho* lol
3/14/2011 c17 2Luna moon 18
love it! update sooooooonnnnnnnn!
3/13/2011 c17 2CentrumPermanebit
OMG! That was insanely amazing! You've gotta update soon! Pretty please? With cherries on top? Like, who doesn't love cherries? Sooo, you gotta update cause I'm offering cherries! :P I need to know what happens neeeext! PLEEEASE update soon! :)
3/12/2011 c17 1lani'sworld
loved it (L)

i'd like to what embry is feeling in that moment!

take care,xx
3/3/2011 c16 2CentrumPermanebit
2/28/2011 c16 2Jewlz1162
Plz update soon
2/27/2011 c16 bee
Oh my gosh! Next chapter asap PLEASE!
2/27/2011 c16 1bundleb
Love it
2/27/2011 c16 6Munchkin Jeeves
Your story is amazing. I love Brooklyn's character. Can't wait for the next chapter :)
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