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for Wait for the rain

9/3/2019 c4 RubyGemGreen
This is really good keep up the amazing work
3/23/2017 c1 dameme44
Best Story Ever!
2/12/2011 c3 34StrawberryPajamas
yay another update:) this was great, pam seems like a great mom:) and ryan is so sweet to her, i still think he and pam are the ideal couple lol. hope to see another update soon!
2/11/2011 c3 11tlc27
Hey, great story you have going on here. I just happened to notice something though, one point in the story you called Ryan by his actor's name BJ (At first BJ hated this idea). Something you may want to fix, or you don't have to, it's nothing major. Keep up the excellent writing :).
8/29/2010 c2 bearsbeetsburritos
This is amazing I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm glad Pam is actually in love with Ryan in this one :] I haven't finished Grey eyes and blue eyes yet but I'm far enough to know things that I don't want to spoil for people who haven't read it but yeah that one sort of disappoint me :( it's good but awwww Pam & Ryan are so cute together! Why'd you have to ruin it Jim errr Pam! The scenes in this are great the imagery makes me blush ^\\\^ keep making awesome sauce cause this is seriously very well written. Looking forward to more :D
8/27/2010 c1 amanda-atomic
really enjoied your story!

can't wait for another chapter!
8/24/2010 c1 34StrawberryPajamas
oh, goodness it's so good to see another office story from you! how've you been? this was a great first chapter by the way. i really loved how you showed pam as the sort of timid wife and ryan being all overprotective of teagan. plus the flashbacks were very well done, they made me smile:)

ive just finished my last office story (have you read it? it's jim/pam, but it's also horror. i thought that maybe you'd sort of like it anyway lol) im thinking of switching over the the harry potter fandom from now on, however. idk, if i think up another (hopefully pam/ryan) office story again, i might consider staying.

anyway, great job! i hope you update this story soon:)

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