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1/14/2014 c5 fgdg
what the fuck? who does that? she goes around having kids with everyman she fucks ever heard of condoms rose?
your a nasty hoe just poppin out kids wherever you go I bet they just fall out
and whats with the forms lol stuuuupid
1/14/2014 c3 jkl
why sooo many kids? shes only what 23 and shes got 5 kids...nasty
1/8/2011 c10 1loventherussian17
aw its sad that this is on hold you did a really great job so far maybe u might hopefully pick it back up one day
1/8/2011 c9 6Hoobeehoo
Hey jacks, really good don't worry about 15 reviews just add another chapter please! LOVED IT NOW PUT A CHAPTER UP RIGHT NOW! luv ur sis!
1/4/2011 c9 4Olivia Williams
liked your story but im team dimitri all the way!
12/21/2010 c10 crazypsicohottie

this is too good i mean really ur goin to stop?:(
10/8/2010 c9 BehindGlassHouses
love the story
10/6/2010 c5 1Weave the Magic
Wow! Rose is one hot lady here. :D

Very interesting...
9/30/2010 c9 Jazzie123
It good I hope you update soon and I want rose to stay with Eric
9/30/2010 c9 Samma21
love it more please
9/30/2010 c9 heartbreakerforever3333
great story!

whos the father of roses unborn child?
9/30/2010 c9 1talkygirl
love it totally amazing but why did they downfall?
9/29/2010 c9 Dimka's chick
i want more dimitri/rose time. good chapter tho
9/29/2010 c5 Just Saying
You made Rose seem like a total SLUT.
9/29/2010 c8 20RR-Roza-Robertson
omg, i already like eric. please tell me they get married. honestly, i dont think dimitri deserves rose. lol, anyway. i think that your chapters should be a little bit longer. but i am soo loving this story! :P dont wait too long to update.
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