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for We Only Thought Goodbye

4/29/2022 c1 Guest
Really enjoyed it ️
2/25/2021 c20 deliriumintheheavens
So frigging cuuuuuuuute! It’s adorable!
1/21/2021 c25 8The cat with blue eyes
a very nice story with a good pace. for once I feel that rose distance was understandable and so was her struggle with Dimitri. they both have a lot to work on.

I hope you are feeling better in your personal life. always take time for yourself when you need it
12/28/2020 c25 AustraliaGirl29
This is literally one of my favourite stories on Rose and Dimitri, really really hope you finish it because its amazing!
4/9/2020 c25 russia2774
Loving it please more updates when your able
3/27/2020 c25 beapleites
Well, even if this story has no end and you probably left it as it is, thank you so, so much. I'll follow it, just in case. I hope you can make your name as a writer, you have what it takes.
3/27/2020 c24 beapleites
Oh, that's a really mature Rose
3/27/2020 c23 beapleites
Noooo, don't tell me that was the end of this beautiful story...
3/27/2020 c22 beapleites
This girl is melting me...
3/27/2020 c21 beapleites
I just thought of two things: first, we never knew who the queen-slayer-to-be was. Second, whatever happened with Dimitri's black eyes from the broken nose?
3/27/2020 c20 beapleites
I always thought Rose would actually want a family, even if she says she doesn't want to marry. Everyone deserves to have one.
3/27/2020 c19 beapleites
Ok, he really needs to apologize... at the very least!
3/27/2020 c18 beapleites
"That's the thing about pain: it demands to be felt"
3/27/2020 c17 beapleites
I do want them to solve this...
3/27/2020 c16 beapleites
I can absolutely understand Rose! When you find yourself in that position, fear makes you freeze. And I also can understand why she wouldn't want to sleep with him right now
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