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for We Only Thought Goodbye

3/17/2011 c5 SassYNoleS
another great chapter ! i love that Rose cut her hair but didnt go to drastic with it
3/16/2011 c4 SassYNoleS
Ok tears ! I love Rose & Adrian as a couple and that was sad .. i wish that's how Richelle had of ended them instead of the heartbreaking way she did ! I didnt want her to choose either haha
3/16/2011 c3 SassYNoleS
hahaha i love this Rose ! Adrian and her make a good couple as do her and Dimitri !
3/16/2011 c2 SassYNoleS
That was good ! Glad Lissa was there for Rose !
3/16/2011 c1 SassYNoleS
You know i actually like Tatters ( Tatiana ) yep she has a nickname with me lol ! Good chapter so far
3/15/2011 c22 Ashes2Dust18
I c that this story hasnt been updated in a very long time. Its truely an incredibly good story tho, i really hope u havent abandoned it? Keep up the amaizing work, xo!
3/14/2011 c1 ASlyDog
Omg my friend recommend this story to me& it is great. PLZ update soon. Don't let a good story be left untold! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
3/12/2011 c22 2I.Live.In.A.Fairy.Tale
Oh! Oh! OH!

This is ssoooooo good!

One of the best stories I've ever read on here! Seriously!



I've been waiting not-so-patiently for 3 months! D:
3/8/2011 c22 1VAzooTW
so freaking good!

ud soon!

1/11/2011 c22 1loventherussian17
great story
1/8/2011 c22 1Rachel-rob-Sandwich
VERY good, at times you had me laughing or sad or angry.

I loved it and can't wait to read more.
1/6/2011 c22 Do'B
what a beautifully written story. i really enjoyed reading every chapter.with each chap i kept wondering will they sort them selves out-is this where they get together?seem to take them a while, though the way in which you have written this story the story line could not have been rushed. i do hope that this is not the end as i would like to read what happens next. will dimitri move to the academy to work and be with rose and sasha? and will they live as a family? will dimirti and rose have their talk on why he could not be with her and how he really felt about her? will they take sasha to russia to meet dimitri's family? i hope so i really enjoy reading about dimitri's family they are the ideal loving close knit,supportive family.i love yeva,i love how she see's all and her forutune telling riddles-if so what riddles will she tell? novices?what will happen here will the law be changed?will lissa become queen?will she have a boy or a girl or both or the same sex twins? and who was it that tried to kill the queen? and of course will rose become pregnant completing her and dimirtri's relationship as this is the ultimate miracle/gift that she could ever give him-that they could share together. i loved how you made tasha "nice" as there are only 2 ways that i like to read about her and they are 1) being nice and supportive to both dimitri and rose's relationship and of course being a great friend to both of them, and the other 2)is tasha being an evil,manipulative,trouble making bitch who causes all sorts of havok and mayham for those around espeacially dimitri and rose, were later she is found out and is than banished. what about adiran? what is he up to? and do we get to read more about his new love? and lastly will there be any strigoi attacks? maybe this may prove to the queen that 16yo are know,so hopfully there will be more to follow. will look forward to further updates. very happy reader :)
1/3/2011 c1 1xxIFreakinLoveVampiresxx
12/29/2010 c18 8Lily-Blues
I Love this story!

Haven't been able to put it down yet!

What Kellie Pickler song is this?
12/26/2010 c22 3LadyofLight34
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