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for We Only Thought Goodbye

12/24/2010 c22 jilightbookworm
realy amazing!

plz plz plz add more!
12/14/2010 c22 Zahra-Maleeka
i really enjoy reading your stories and cant wait for the next update
12/12/2010 c22 RosalynB
I LOVE it! It is my new fav VA story. PLZ UP soon! I do like how Tasha is not the evil witch in this, or Dimitri has a baby w/ her, but is just missing Rose. U r the BEST thanks 4 the great read and making a sunday afternoon fun. I hope to read more soon... (but 4now I will just re-read it tonight lol)
12/11/2010 c22 3InBetweenLetters
AWWWWWWWW this is now officially my fav VA fanfic of all time :D awwwwwwwwww tht is soo cute, can you update soon please

and if you havetwitter i can follow you ine is VampAcademyUK :D
12/8/2010 c22 Peachycrime
Sasha is just so adorable! ! love this story :D
11/28/2010 c22 3forev3rsilenc3d
i love this story! i love how u entered new characters and still made seem like a part of the series, can't wait until u update, so update soon!
11/26/2010 c21 jessicacha
what does dimitri say?
11/22/2010 c22 tempestxanadu

i LOVED this chapter.

the story's getting really good.

i love Sasha! shes so damn cute!

i hope you update soon!

oh, and feel better sooner as well.
11/21/2010 c22 1MaggieChauvin
Amazing chapter!Cant wait for more! Really missed ya!
11/21/2010 c22 1talkygirl
aww thats so cute with christmas and all! very much enjoyed chapter, sincerely talkygirl!
11/21/2010 c22 Caza101
omg omg omg omg omg
11/21/2010 c22 5VampGirl4EverandEver
ohh nice chapter

update soon

11/21/2010 c22 29Nicia
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this has been my fave chapter so far; and the bit with the mistletoe was so funny! 'Just kiss her already!' LOL. And thee part where Sasha called her mum :') so so so sweet! xx
11/21/2010 c22 8D.L.Belikova
i love Sasha. but, by the way, if she's russian, it would probably be spelled Sascha, btw.
11/21/2010 c22 little-miss-hathawayy

i love your storyy...

keep going :D x
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