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for We Only Thought Goodbye

10/10/2010 c20 1Eliza Days

it is just awesome!

but pls don't tell me you have completed the whole fanfiction...

we all want moooooooooooore.

update soooooooooooon

and i am not kidding when i say that i will be the first one reviewing next time

keep smiling
10/10/2010 c20 3Rose.Hathaway13
i REALLY love this story so far- update real soon! :)
10/10/2010 c20 2RedRoseBlackThorns
10/10/2010 c20 Twilighternproud
cuuuuuuuuute x

Looooove it
10/10/2010 c20 12MadameRozaBelikova
so sweet loved it. can't wait for more!
10/10/2010 c20 1MaggieChauvin
What a wonderful chapter! I loved the sweet family moments! I have missed your story! Good thing about adding to the college fund and not spending though! Good luck with that!
10/10/2010 c20 IrisNorthman
That was so sweet. I loved that interaction with the three of them!
10/10/2010 c20 crystal49s
That was cute!
10/10/2010 c20 3guardianrozahathaway

Really, I put it in caps and everything! Anyway, the idea is original and I love watching them fall in love all over again! I read the entire thing in one night!

Please update soon!
10/10/2010 c20 11Lilian85
This was so sweet! Thank you!

Please update soon!
10/10/2010 c9 jessicacha
its cute. i was wondering, are you jewish? i remember a religon teacher telling us jews wrote God like G-d. just curious :)
10/10/2010 c20 1talkygirl
aww thats such a sweet chapter ( both ways)! awesome chapter, sincerely talkygirl!
10/10/2010 c20 gracefish21
10/10/2010 c20 3pheonix2311
aww this was a really really sweet chapter :)) can't wait for the update
10/10/2010 c20 ilovejapan1
Such a beautiful chapter, I so enjoyed it, with all the family theme :) So cute, they should just make up and be a nice and happy family. Looking forward to the next one :D
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