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for We Only Thought Goodbye

12/26/2015 c24 5BabyCinema
Nooo, please don't leave it again! Please, please... By the way, happy new year :)
12/18/2015 c23 russia2774
More updates please love it
12/11/2015 c7 Dead Revolution
This is starting to get...a little lame
6/14/2015 c24 4Lita of Jupiter
ohhh I loved this, especially since there are no magic remedy for everything being ok while their chemistry remains, I loved it
4/22/2015 c24 Guest
Just outta curiosity I was wondering if you would continue the story I love it so please update soon
4/20/2015 c24 Jo
I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FINISHED IT LIKE THAT. I was SOOO enjoying it and your righting was excellent. I wish that you would finish it.
4/11/2015 c24 Guest
She said she loved him? To lazy for google translate. Update soon
4/1/2015 c10 5Rose-Phoenix0
That was WONDERFULLY done! Just amazing! You are one amazing author! I cant wait for the next chapter! :D
2/19/2015 c24 nuttynitnat83
loved ur story just wondering when r u gonna update oh that be so nice for rose to adopt sasha
2/15/2015 c24 Guest
ohhh so cute.. please update
1/22/2015 c24 Fany ST
Oh you have update soon pleeeeeeeeeease!
This is a beautiful story pleeeeeeeeease update!
1/6/2015 c24 dimitriXroza100
Please update
1/5/2015 c24 JasmineVictoria15
Plz update
12/21/2014 c24 1WolfLover1997
Update soon!
11/28/2014 c24 bboops22
wow please next chap love this story
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