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for We Only Thought Goodbye

1/27/2012 c25 annodomini5070
cool story, but PLEASE do not translate to russian with google... soem sentences totaly doesn't make sense
1/27/2012 c25 ELFINA01
Ooooo I can't wait too see what Dimitri wants to talk to Rose about! This story just turned a major page and I'm drooling for more. I feel so bad for Lissa and wished that Rose was able to be closer to her, but her being away for now is a good thing. I just feel bad for her. Picturing Dimitri with Tasha even though Rose might feel she is the better choice, just curls my stomach. All in all this was a wonderful chapter and I thirst hungrily for more. Thanks so much for writing it. Happy hunting in your next upload, take care from your vamp fan Elfina
1/27/2012 c25 4Katylou32
I love this story please update soon :D
1/27/2012 c22 8XxMissLittleAuthorxX
Love it update soon!
1/27/2012 c25 1urfoodforthought
finally an update! love this so plz finish it! dont let it hang :(! UPDATE soon!
1/27/2012 c25 Do'B
i do hope that you will be updating soon, im hoping that dimitri's talk will be about him choosing to stay with rose and sasha..i really hope that dimitri can get through to rose and make her see that it is she that dimitri wants and not tasha. sure tasha can give him children but at the end of the day if those children daddy does not love their mummy what kind of household will it be for those children to grow up in?

i do not like how roes makes decisions for dimitri, she will start acting all snarky and bitchy to make dimitri think that she doesnt love him. let dimitri decide what he wants. and rose knows very well that she loves it when dimitri calls her roza.

i wish that tasha would find someone to love her, this way she would know what love is and how to love in a healthy way...while tasha is chasing after dimitri she is not allowing herself to find true love.

love reading the translations at the bottom, look forward to you updating soon.
1/27/2012 c25 PinkFluffyUnicornLexa
love it plzzz update ASASP! =)
1/27/2012 c25 4Olivia Williams
yay you updated, god roza dont be stupid. i hope the russian isnt going to say some thing that will break rose compleatly you cant trust tasha rose no matter how sweet she is being to you

dont take so long to update next time
1/27/2012 c25 2rangarose
Love this chapter! Poor rose is so torn!

I hope dimitri tells rose how much he loves her!

Update soon
1/27/2012 c25 3Ashterbowden
UGH! Not cool! Cliff hangers stink, but I must say this. . . I. ADORE. SASHA! She's so adorable!
1/27/2012 c25 2deliciouse
I am so glad that you are back. I am a little sad by this chapter, i hope that she doesn't give up on Dimitri, i have been dying for them to get back together and it is Dimitri's decision who he wants to be with and his heart is with Rose...just because Tasha can give him a child, Tasha can't give him eternal love and thats what he has with Rose.

I hope that Rose doesn't start to be rude to Dimitri again and start with the rediculious nonsense "Don't call me Roza" she promised that she would try for the sake of Sasha and now she is being stupidly stubborn and choosing what she thinks is better for Dimitri.

I hope that Dimitri talks some sense into her...i don't think i could go on reading this story if it suddenly does a 360 and they go back to square one.
1/24/2012 c24 annodomini5070
please please don't give up on this story as yet !
1/23/2012 c24 Dimka's chick
I guess I'll wait, but only cause I love this story! Lol
1/22/2012 c24 1lil lizzz
i think you should continue to write because this is a beautiful story and you are a brilliant writer! i hope you find inspiration soon and get back to writing:)
1/22/2012 c22 1xCuri0sity
awwwwwe ;D
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