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6/24/2019 c17 2JayeMaru
Excellent update, thank you so much for sharing this.
8/24/2017 c16 JayeMaru
Cool, I think stories that explore Spike's earlier interest in Willow are interesting because of where Spike's and Willow's characters were at that point in time. I hope to see where this story goes from here. Thanks for sharing.
7/29/2014 c15 15therightstory
Oh I'm definitely still reading and hope you haven't given up completely on finishing the story. You should write it so that willow doesn't hate spike for turning her. He does need to be happy.
7/29/2014 c14 therightstory
I support willow not wanting to change but how can she ignore their chemistry. She should be with him and give him a chance.
7/29/2014 c3 therightstory
Omg best chapter ever. Love willow and spike
2/7/2013 c12 RKF22
great update loving it
1/25/2013 c11 1nictoria19
Just found your story and LOVE it...blending my 2 favs together and Spike and Willow-:) plz update soon!
1/5/2013 c11 Shadow Amaterasu
I really like it. Good job.
1/4/2013 c11 RKF22
great update keep it up
12/17/2012 c10 Aniles
Oh come on you can't stop writing now :-D!
But seriously nice story, can't wait to read more ;-)
10/26/2012 c10 dmfrancis7
So good! More please! :)
10/26/2012 c8 dmfrancis7
Love it!
10/7/2012 c10 RKF22
great update glad your back keep up the great work
6/18/2012 c8 RKF22
love willows defence of spike love will soon be in the air
6/18/2012 c7 RKF22
i love how much cariss is lie a caring sister to spike
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