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for Secrets: The Silent Sanctuary

7/26/2017 c10 Ryoji Mochizuki
5/28/2017 c1 Yukine-ren
comeback and pls update this godly fanfiction that made me squeel like a banshee that saw their favorite band
3/4/2017 c1 Gast
Is good
Are you still alive
11/23/2015 c7 BB Gun man
Best fanfic for me :)
10/2/2014 c10 lee
any more chapters it has been over three years now
1/27/2014 c10 DrackNath
I wonder how this story was abandoned : when its so good : so amazing that I fell from my chair when I looked at how it was last updated 3 years ago :

Please if you find it in your heart to continue please do :
11/10/2013 c10 Urukmar
Loved this fanfic. Possibly the best in my opinion and with hopes that this story might continue. Nice moves you made for Negi. The details for the story from the first chapter to now are amazing. How to improve: what is there to really improve on other than the grammars I might have not noticed since I usually understand even when there are mistakes.
9/12/2013 c10 Kinunatzs The Eternal
wow Zazie's twin make her appearance and their love is being tested! and a nice plot too
9/12/2013 c9 Kinunatzs The Eternal
wow Arika has a role here? that's a nice one and i'd like to see what Fate is planning
9/12/2013 c8 Kinunatzs The Eternal
wow that was one of the lamest excuse i ever heard from Takahata and what the hell is Negi a Werewolf or something?
9/12/2013 c6 Kinunatzs The Eternal
wow nice moon and i don't know about the Demon-folk not having ki but nice one with the Kankahō theory
9/11/2013 c5 Kinunatzs The Eternal
wow Zazie is quite possessive eh? and nice one with Eva's comments
9/11/2013 c4 Kinunatzs The Eternal
it's seems i'm losing things to say but those catalyst are new and Eva is really evil taking his students tome
9/11/2013 c3 Kinunatzs The Eternal
well no much to say but how strong Negi really is?
9/11/2013 c2 Kinunatzs The Eternal
nice scene with Nagi and Zazie and the poor Ayaka
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