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2/19/2013 c18 1BooksRBiffles
awwwwwwwww i loved it
10/27/2011 c18 3frizzy-wizzy-oringina
5/26/2011 c18 30cookie-pocky-strawberry-love
Such a cute story from the beggining i loved it good job ciao sakura
5/24/2011 c17 1TennisFreakLovesGaleAndHatesMJ
Awww! Now i get chapter 18!
5/23/2011 c18 TennisFreakLovesGaleAndHatesMJ
Awww idk if i have reviewed for all the other chapters but i would just like to say THANK YOU to u cuz u did and AMAZING JOB with this fanfic! 3 michelle
5/22/2011 c18 5sb221
I liked the ending! Great job!
5/22/2011 c18 4clarinetto14
I loved the ending to this story!
5/22/2011 c17 clarinetto14
This was a really awesome chapter until the end which seemed quite rushed! But otherwise it was really awesome! Update soon!
5/22/2011 c17 Zammie242
5/22/2011 c17 5Angel4eva-15
finally their together!
5/22/2011 c16 smile247
oh...i luv ur stories! please update fastly. this chapter ended in totol suspense.
5/12/2011 c16 sakura
omg update this really soon i wanna know wat happens! im usually cookiepockystrawberrylove bt i ddnt feell like loggin in srry ciao sakura
4/22/2011 c16 5sb221
:) That was a great chapter! Update soon!
4/22/2011 c16 20JibbsRibbsNCISMotiveLover
Love this story
4/22/2011 c16 Ilovezammie
! I need to read more!
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