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for Christmas interlude

9/1/2010 c1 Shion
I'm enjoying your story "Off key" quite a lot and really liked this one-shot. it was completely adorable and really, Walter *would* add some illegal Christmas cheer to a party. I fully expect him to dose one of the characters in future episodes. Peter was sweet and Olivia very funny, and I liked how you portrayed the Walter-Astrid dynamic :)
8/28/2010 c1 58Skate-815
This was a nice idea, especially since you managed to fit it into Off Key so well. I had wondered how they ended up on that couch lol.

The idea of Walter spiking christmas cookies made me laugh. Nice interlude.
8/28/2010 c1 34oranfly
Absolutely loved it! The imagery and flirting was to die for. You did a wonderful job!
8/27/2010 c1 27wjobsessed

I really loved this and I'm so glad you wrote it.

I agree with AC and oranfly that it's fun to read the different outcomes. I've been thinking about trying it with a summer setting...it's not so easy though.
8/27/2010 c1 14ab89us
OMG! LOL I love Walter! This is really great and a little ironic since Oranfly and I were just talking about Christmas earlier today! I'm thrilled that you joined in!

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