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9/8/2010 c11 1RocklynnJasmine
Amazing and awesome story! I can't wait to read more of your amazing and awesome story! Have a great and wonderful day!
9/5/2010 c11 17MaraudingSnitch1314
I was absolutely floored by this final chapter! I had no idea you would write such an intense confrontation between Neal and Peter, but I enjoyed it immensely. I was shocked at Neal pulling Peter's gun on him, but I was so relieved and consoled by the fact that he forgot to switch off the safety. You kept him in-character. I loved Peter's "'Always protect your biggest and most valuable investment…especially if it's irreplaceable. I almost lost you. I don't want that to happen again.'" Just wonderful. Also loved the 'polarized light' line.

Overall, you wrote a fantastic, engaging story. Great work and I look forward to many more of your White Collar fics. :D
9/5/2010 c11 ghostdolly
Awwwwww. This chapter was sweet. Enjoyed so much! Thanks, dear writer, for sharing your story with the fabid fans (we're a scary bunch, I know.)
9/4/2010 c11 12kenziecaffrey
Loved a few of the jokes they shared at the end. Especially the polarized light one. Great ending, it felt a little rushed, but thats fine. I really like how the hat was a big symbol for Neal in this chapter.
9/4/2010 c11 26Stroma
Great story. Hope you plan to write a sequel.
9/4/2010 c11 33ComicalEpiphanies
Great ending. Great story. I like that even without most of his memories, he was still the charismatic Neal. Good job.
9/4/2010 c11 30romirola
Looking forward to seeing more stories from you! :)
9/4/2010 c9 17MaraudingSnitch1314
This is another wonderful chapter. I'm so happy to see that Neal is starting to unconsciously remember the bond he shares with Peter. Love that Peter, who normally isn't great with the whole "feelings" business, is showing his concern so well. Great work!
9/3/2010 c10 1RocklynnJasmine
Amazing and awesome chapters! Sorry I haven't been reading recently, I've just started college. I can't wait to read more of your amazing and awesome story! Have a great and wonderful day!
9/3/2010 c10 26Stroma
Very good chapter. Can't wait to read the epilogue.
9/3/2010 c10 33Ultracape
While I really enjoy your story, this chapter seems very rushed. I would have liked to see more of Neal's interaction with Peter and El and how his memory returned.

After the nightmare where he finally realizes that he was a thief I would think that there could have been some dramatic scenes with Peter and El.

This is something I find in a lot of new writers, the avoidance of conflict. They bring us right up to that point and then skip over it, yet conflict is what makes the story.

You're not on a deadline here. There really isn't any rush except how this is fitting into your life. Take the time that you need to write out what is happening, Show, don't Tell.
9/2/2010 c9 8ThePenIsMighty
9/2/2010 c9 12kenziecaffrey
The ending of that chapter was beautiful. Great job capturing the emotion.
9/2/2010 c9 26Stroma
Excellent chapter. More soon please.
9/2/2010 c9 33Ultracape
Heartbreaking, but I'm glad to see you're moving this along a little bit.
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