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8/27/2010 c2 12kenziecaffrey
Great start. I am really loving this. Everyone knows Neal is a fighter! :)
8/27/2010 c2 2just4paws17
loved the part about Neal being bored! Love the story, just please don't kill him! can't wait for more!
8/27/2010 c2 33Ultracape
It's a heartbreaking story and I'm enjoying it but I have one nit pick. If they can't tell the extent of the injuries then I can't see the doctor making any predictions base on information he doesn't have.

You would not have damaged your plot line if you stretched this out a bit and waited with the "10 year" information until someplace like Neal not being able to move his leg, or something like that.

Also, many writers do what I call "throat clearing," before they get to the story. By that I mean talking about the light in the Taurus or someone else would to on about getting coffee and some such.

If the action does not develop character or move the plot, cut it. It makes for a much tighter tale and a better read.
8/27/2010 c1 1RocklynnJasmine
Amazing and awesome story! I can't wait to read more of your amazing and awesome story! Have a great and wonderful day!
8/27/2010 c1 6brokenclaw
neal! can't wait to see what you have in store for him
8/27/2010 c1 2just4paws17
more please, more! great start for your first ff! can't wait!
8/27/2010 c1 17MaraudingSnitch1314
Congratulations on posting your first fanfiction! I know it takes courage, so you should be immensely proud of yourself. For a first-time fanfic writer (or poster, maybe), you are talented. I'm very interested to see where this story leads. From your summary: "when Neal stops being Neal" - ooh, what's going to happen? =)

Please update soon!
8/27/2010 c1 30RascalFlattsS
Great story! Love the whumpage! Please add more whumpage-because you can never had enough Neal whumpage.

Please, please, please, please update soon!

8/27/2010 c1 26Stroma
Very good.
8/27/2010 c1 97peppe1951
Neal in an accident...not good got to find out what happens next...hope the next chapter will be posted soon...
8/27/2010 c1 41bluedragon1836
I'm interested! what happens next?
8/27/2010 c1 33Ultracape
You've got me hooked. Looking forward to the next chapter.
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