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1/17/2012 c10 krjemb
I lived on Spangdahlem and graduated from Bitburg before the base closed. Brought back fond memories.
9/13/2010 c15 5Bokormen
Loved the story, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that I would read the sequel if you write one. Thanks for the story, I'll be hoping for more.
9/12/2010 c15 Moska

You've melded these to franchises beautifully. There's not one word of this I didn't like... :)
9/11/2010 c15 Katara97
I would definately be interested in a sequel if you had the time/energy to do one. :D
9/10/2010 c15 Emaelin
So, I loved this story and you should definitely write a sequel! It would be my pleasure to read that too. =] Hugs and cookies, ~E
9/10/2010 c15 1Pig-Rabbit-Suk
I liked the old fashion fights. I always hated guns fights. And I'd love if you wrote a sequel. :3
9/10/2010 c15 ficm
I would love to see a sequal to this. It would be interesting to see how Annie's training went, or here first fight, not to mention her relationship with Auggie.
9/10/2010 c15 Crowned with Laurel
Very well crafted. I didn't miss a single update I was enjoying it so much, in fact often I got online just to read your story. This does make a wonderful origin story but I would love to see a sequel to it. For example, could Ben be an immortal? Perhaps, he realized Annie's pre-immie status and that was the reason he was so intent on her this entire time. If so, that would add some drama to the budding relationship between Annie and Auggie. Can't you just imagine his reaction to Annie's first love showing up with his own immortality in tow. I definitely think there's a lot of room for you to play with and I would love to see where someone with your skill can take the series.
9/10/2010 c15 9Accountkiller73158
I would LOVE a sequel to this. Love it. And yes, I think that Auggie having to pretend to be blind would be freaking hilarious, which was half of the reason I put the idea forward. That and I just love them together so much, I can't bare to think of anything, even him dying of old age, separating her from him. Thanks so much for sharing, I loved this story (and left what I'm pretty sure is the longest review I've ever written for it!) love xx Shezzi (Sequel, sequel, sequel!)
9/10/2010 c15 Delylah
I enjoyed this story, much more than I thought I would at first. I'm not real big on crossovers, but I kind of like the thought of Annie as an immortal, and I love Annie/Auggie together. I'd definitely be interested in reading a sequel (especially if you managed to work Methos in somehow, he was always my favorite). OF course, I'd like it that much more if Auggie turned out to be an immortal, too, but that would probably be a little too perfect...

one little nitpick...Auggie calls Annie "Amanda" when she's first waking up at the beginning of Ch 15...might want to edit that!
9/10/2010 c14 Accountkiller73158
I'm loving this. Being an ardent Auggie/Annie supporter it took me a while to click on it, thinking you'd probably paired her with Duncan, Conner or even Amanda, but I love this idea much more. Is it totally wrong that I hope her attraction to Auggie is due in part (although not mostly) to him actually being pre-immortal and putting out a slight, attracting buzz that she doesn't recognise yet? I really don't want her to have the pain of him dying,even if it is just a case of him eventually growing old. Plus, if he's pre-immortal - he can get his sight back. Anyway, as I said, loving this. It's well written, the idea is novel (at least for this universe) and very well executed. My only quibble is this, and it's minor - I thought all immortals were foundlings. I haven't watched as much of the series as I would like to though and it's possible that that's something I've picked up from fan fiction and applied to canon. Doesn't matter really either way, you could just say it doesn't work that way in your 'verse, I guess. Thanks for sharing! love xx Shezzi
9/7/2010 c12 Emaelin
First off, I love this story! I've actually been thinking about watching some Highlander episodes. It sounds really, really interesting. Secondly, am I crazy or was there a very slight Monty Python reference in this chapter? Does "It's just a flesh wound," ring a bell? Hugs and cookies, ~E
9/6/2010 c11 Katara97
I loved her inner dialogue about immortal bodies, it was quite creative, and definately spot on. :D
9/5/2010 c10 Katara97
Those last two paragraphs have me grinning like an idiot. Thank god I'm alone. :p
9/4/2010 c8 Moska
Holy smoke! What a brilliant take on the CA universe! I can only imagine Auggie's reaction to their sparring sessions now :) As much as I love Highlander, I do hope that most of your focus once past these training chapters is how Annie takes this back to her 'real' life. This is so well written... Kudos!
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