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for Gundam Seed Destiny or Liberty?

4/4 c37 Ion
Really enjoying this! Do you have any plans to kill off some of the characters? I'm worried that the cast might get a bit bloated.
3/17 c37 4Many Faced Mage
And the Face of Today is? Greek Gundam pilot!

The battle his heating up. I thought Henie might surrive? Guess I was wrong. Also Yuna having a brother that is compendent and smart. That's a scary thought for the Gene pool. Now Kira and the others are on the way. This is getting good. Take care.
2/21 c37 3unafraid
I really liked the teamwork this chapter, especially Athrun and Nia's. It felt spontaneous and flowed naturally.
2/21 c37 25SSJ-Jolt
Ooh? Athrun's secret love child with Meer?
2/20 c37 00virtuezero
So when it comes to the opening scene with the counterargument to Cagalli, was a nice touch and also brings up the fact the Archangel's crew desertion from back in Gundam Seed ( albeit understandable), with it coming to play right then and there.

Sad truth is the Archangel crew during Destiny can be considered terrorists and they did kidnap a Head of State. I really enjoy that you do bring up the more questionable aspects of the Archangel crew's choices in the Destiny, when in canon it under the rug.

Also can not help but notice the emphasis about the destruction of the Tannhauser had on the killing Minvera Crew and to say nothing radiation poisoning. For all of Kira talk about not wanting to kill anymore, by shooting the Tannhauser, he ultimately decided that Orb Pilots lives matter more than ZAFTS.

Also avoided the overpowered Freedom that came within this episode in canon.

Overall it was very chaotic as expected to happen and the Minerva/Sensou crew walked away with notable loses.
2/20 c37 13EmperorDraco7
Looking good, I never expected to see the story updated but hey it was cool seeing the Battle of Darnelles continuing and I have a feeling that next will be the events at Lodonia and evtually Stellar launching a solo attack on the Minerva which leads to her capture.

Also liked how you handled the battle by the way and a shame that Heine still died but am curious on the other changes to come.
2/20 c37 Guest
Please don't delete my review because this is important. So far your story is not really Good to read. It's Become an extend crack-fic, it's mean character you create is not fit To That Universe you create. They so many issue. Number you to much relied into canon so much, second the original cast of the series become seconds side characters, there so many issue from your previous and newer story. Your fanfic story become messy it not fun to read anymore especially from your older Version, I read so many Gundam Seed nothing so far is good to read except two author. Eyes in Seed by Nemesis Astraea and The Devil's Reprisal by Diablo Snowblind, they are best of the best and they very honest and humble, sorry If this story not my type to read and sorry if I'm become harsh give you a bad review,

P.S sorry for my bad english
2/19 c37 5War Sage
Good chapter
2/19 c36 4Many Faced Mage
And the Face of Today is? Greek Gundam pilot! So the Archangel group is going to make their move. Hopefully they will have the power to change the world. Also the thought of Yuna having a brother that is compedent it is a scary thought. I'm looking forward to what comes next and I wish you well.
2/14 c36 Ein
Glad you've resumed this. Looking forward to the next chapter!
1/21 c35 Many Faced Mage
And the Face of Today is? Greek Gundam pilot!

So conspiracies are growing questions are growing this is getting very good hopefully they'll be able to change the fate of some characters and others will be able to heal I'm looking forward to what you write next.
1/20 c36 22thedarkpokemaster
Oh man once again you have made a kick ass chapter and shown why I hate Yuna so much please make his end and his father a good one its all I ask.
1/15 c36 00virtuezero
The Blu Duel and Verde Buster are good successors to both the Duel and the Buster. And its fitting that both Yzak and Dearka get them as well. Truth to be told I am happy that they both are getting more active roles here compared to Destiny canon, where they just made appearance here and there. Sadly wasted like other characters in canon Destiny.

Still its good to see the other Battles that happening in the Junius War, gives a feeling of openness and an active world.

Another Mask General, that makes about 4 now. Another solider for his mysterious Lordship that was foreshadowed earlier on. Its not a surprise about someone else is pulling Djbril's strings, the guy is not exactly competent and particularly cost the Alliance the war in Seed Destiny.

Like the scene between the Seiran brothers and the point about Thanos's promise about the consequences of siding with the Alliance and the Black Storm.

So they are making use of Cloning technology in order to make more Extended, that was somewhat foreshadowed back in Purpose and given Dr. Smith real identity being Ulen, he definitely have the blueprints to build it up to this point.

Also nice use of the other Phantom Pain pilots form the Manga as well. Also thank you for using Dumas and I like how you portray him.

Tensions are starting to run high with the Sensou and Minerva crew, with Vincent's sanity being in doubt, Kamal's Anti-Coodinator prejudices getting up, and overall morally conflicted Athrun. Its really starting to show and given what they are all up against it might cost them a good deal.

With the Freedom and Archangels' arrival things are going to get chaotic. You know always disliked at how overpowered Kira was in Destiny and what happened in episode 24 really Highlights that. To be honest Kira in Destiny was really full of himself.

Anyway enjoyed the Chapter.
1/13 c35 thedarkpokemaster
your right man this update was well worth the wait and damn was it just epic I mean I have no other words that I can say right now really other than to keep up the good work that your doing as I just love how you do the growth.
1/12 c35 00virtuezero
Its Lives!

Like said before its good have this story back.

I didn't except Saint to die this earlier. Of course given the fact he spilling the beans about the Extended Program and possibly even more, it makes sense that he would silenced. Of course Sensou can study the body and the evidence of enhancements.

Now the Phantom Pain Team is down one pilot. Through from looks things they will gaining more team members along with Orb's involvement.

The Seeds of distrust are more planted with Rey being the one who wanted to find Vincent, which brings up even more the question as to what exactly did Dulrandal do to Vincent during the operation? Vincent the Supreme Commander of Sensou and also has proven he will did things dirty when lives are at stake. The type of person who the Chairman would want under his thumb.

Also Branden, enough with the sexiest comment about driving. You already got Anti-Coodinator issues.

The scene Canard gives further hints on what happened to Gekido and also doubts about the one with ZAFT. Then again maybe he does think he is Gekido given his comment about what is real and who is the Fake.

Meer of course has a crush on Athrun in canon, but also I think only a hand full knew about Gekido and Lacus. Of course then the changes that will come do to Renew.

Like I said before it is good to have this back.
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