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for Rolling in on a Burning Tire

7/10/2012 c13 blue talith
Thank you applemysteries for keeping up with the story! I find it to be quite intriguing in the people and their psyches involved.
1/2/2012 c12 1commando333
hope u update soon i love this
10/27/2011 c12 blue talith
Very intriguing story the author has here. I am most eager to see how Buffy resolves the situation to her satisfaction!
10/3/2011 c12 2Jeremy Shane
Good Chapter & More Please
7/11/2011 c11 Jeremy Shane
Good Chapter & More Please
6/27/2011 c10 blue talith
I very anxious to see things apparently come to a head in Las Vegas!
6/27/2011 c9 blue talith
So, Samantha's a witch, Okay. Now, I think that Buffy needs to see a therapist!
6/27/2011 c8 blue talith
Getting close, though I still do not know what Greyson is. Another Slayer? A Vampire?
6/27/2011 c7 blue talith
So, who is this Samantha Greyson that Faith looked up?
6/27/2011 c6 blue talith
Wow. Glad they FINALLY decided on trying to interview the guy in the hospital!
6/11/2011 c10 Jeremy Shane
Good Chapter & More Please
6/4/2011 c9 Jeremy Shane
Good Chapter & More Please
6/3/2011 c9 7Storm Warning
Motivation in the form of review. Love where this is heading. Super enjoyment achieved :)
6/2/2011 c8 2Jeremy Shane
Good Chapter & More Please
6/1/2011 c8 iamthefreebird
Moremoremore, pleasepleaseplease!

I want to find out what happens next and I love how you write all the characters well without twisting them and how you've brought them all together in one place! Or, well, a few places :). Please keep writing.

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