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for A Night of Worry

3/26/2019 c3 114shirebound
These chapters are a lovely, well-written gap filler. I especially love this final chapter, in which Aragorn realizes that the wizard he knew is gone... and yet renewed.
4/22/2017 c3 19AndurilofTolkien
aw nice
11/29/2012 c3 Guest
just one word: WOW.. *_* please, please, continue!
9/26/2011 c3 7GremlinX
I really like your story. I totally forgot that this site could possibly have LOTR. Which is silly of me. I mainly am in the White Collar tv show area. Lol. Anyways, you are doing a really good job with this story and I love both Gandolf and Aragorn to death. I really hope in the future chapters you have them two discussing the whole Aragorn having to be King and just both of them laying out what they need to do. Anyways, thought I would randomly tell you that you are doing a wonderful job so far and I hope you update soon. :)
9/11/2011 c3 ai-rin
Moar! Of everything. Please!
12/20/2010 c3 88Darkover
Dear MiladyRanger: I have enjoyed reading this story very much. I think your writing style is good, and that you have done a good job of portraying the characters of Gandalf and of Aragorn. I do have a few criticisms, though. In the first chapter, I believe I do understand why you had Aragorn express his personal doubts to Gandalf, but IMHO it was still a bit selfish of the Ranger. Essentially, whether he intended to or not, Aragorn was telling Gandalf-who is also supposed to be both a friend and a mentor to him-"I believe you're going to die if you go into Moria, and I'm concerned about how that affects me." That strikes me as a tad selfish! Also, the Aragorn of the books never flinched from the responsibilities of leadership, so it seems a bit strange to hear him express so many doubts. Chapter Two followed the book just a bit too closely. I don't mean that it is a bad idea to make use of Tolkien's material, of course, I mean that you did not add as much of your own material, your own portrayal of events, quite as much as you should have. You did remedy that problem in Chapter Three, which is IMHO opinion the best chapter so far. I liked the way you switched POVs, and I think you did a nice job on both, although I do not believe Gandalf was "annoyed" with Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli for not recognizing him right away. Actually, I've always gotten the impression that, having been resurrected so that he could return to Middle-Earth, Gandalf was still slightly in shock, having not quite absorbed everything that happened to him and adjusting to the constraints of a mortal form once more. "Gandalf...yes...that is what they used to call me. Gandalf." It is as if he has to keep reminding himself of that, and then, having encountered his friends once more, they help him to remember, and focus on the task at hand. Bear in mind, this is all just my opinion. You did ask for suggestions as to how you should proceed. I suggest more POV passages; an emphasis on the friendship between Gandalf and Aragorn (for they are two of the most mature characters in LotR, not in the sense of being old, but in the sense that both have heavy cares and responsibilities which each takes very seriously.) As a result of the latter, you might want to address the increasing development of Aragorn as man and as king; for as both he and Gandalf know, Aragorn must soon do without his mentor, and it is on the King's shoulders alone that the fate of most of the free peoples of Middle-Earth will rest when the War of the Ring is over, and Gandalf departs. So, I would like to see you turn your attention to that. I really like your style of writing, and I believe you can do a good job of continuing and finishing this story. I hope I have not been too wearisome in my criticisms. Merry Christmas! Sincerely, Darkover
12/15/2010 c3 6Abject Tears
Hi, I really liked this story! You characterisations are really true and easy to imagine. Please continue! (:
11/17/2010 c3 314lindahoyland
I liked this chapter as it is not often we read about these events from the viewpoint of those most deeply affected.It is all too easy to forget how hard a burden Aragorn had to bear.
11/17/2010 c2 lindahoyland
I enjoyed the vision of Arwen here.
11/16/2010 c3 57Mirach
I liked this chapter very much! You show the thoughts of both Aragorn and Gandalf very well, but also the feelings behind the thoughts can be recognized very well. Btw., happy birthday, Aragorn! (this meeting with Gandalf happened at March 1st, and that is his birthday ;))I hope you will continue this scene and write the discussion that is imminent now.
11/15/2010 c2 4Puxinette
I like this story very much. I especially like your characterization of Aragorn, and his list of worries in the chapter 1 was stunning indeed. All true and very real. In the second chapter, I liked the part you wrote where the Elves were singing the lament, and Aragorn wants so badly to tell them they aren't helping his grief. And he's looking forward to peace in Lothlorien, and while he finds it, it is also not without worry, although you have not gone into that much in this chapter. Will there be another chapter in Lothlorien? Very nice writing.
11/13/2010 c3 42StarLight9
This is very good! I'm honored and happy that you decided to use my suggestion, and I never suspected that one could turn the idea into something so beautiful. The emotions are very well written. We can clearly see Aragorn's hesitancy to believe what he is seeing and accept the joy, and, best of all, we first see it from Gandalf's perspective, so that we can only guess what is going on in Aragorn's mind, and then we see it from his eyes, so that the gaps in our guesses are filled. A great tale of a great friendship.

I really hope you will continue this as all future chapters have the potential to be a great read. Something I think is worth seeing is Aragorn's coronation and his final parting with Gandalf, as the Istar leaves to sail into the West (although that would spoil the happy ending here). But that could work for a last chapter, and if you include it, I hope you'll insert a few more chapters in between.
11/9/2010 c2 StarLight9
This is amazing! One rarely finds such great stories nowadays! Please, please, continue! I would so much love to see Gandalf's return and Aragorn's reaction! Eagerly waiting for more!
10/31/2010 c1 314lindahoyland
I enjoyed this conversation for Aragorn and Gandalf and feel that Aragorn would have had moments when he felt like this.
9/15/2010 c2 2iccle fairy
very well written, lovely to read :D
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