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5/2/2019 c1 136WargishBoromirFan
Love the banter you can get across in only a few words between these two - the old Wooster narration is in fine form in these one-shots, and it's particularly fun to see the tables turn as Bertie has to attempt to plot and take care of Jeeves.
10/15/2017 c1 30cuddyclothes
This is hilarious. I will long cherish the image of Jeeves having fun spinning himself in a swivel chair.
8/16/2014 c1 Guest
*cryin* this fic is perfect! I love how well you captured the characters! AMAZING JOB!
7/22/2014 c1 7Euphoracle
1/24/2014 c1 Rodent2000XD
XD Wouldn't fit in the bag. . . Brilliant BTW. :D
7/2/2011 c1 9sherlockfic
Absolutely fantastic!

Jeeves and Wooster perfection!
2/11/2011 c1 12The Blue Heron
Heheh I can't even imagine Jeeves laughing! lol Nice idea, very nice.
12/6/2010 c1 6Eregnar

That was good for a chuckle. Thanks!
11/5/2010 c1 8Scarlet Snidget
All of your Jeeves stories hit the characters spot on; you have me chortling the whole way through. Brilliant stuff.
9/3/2010 c1 47Baroness Emma
*dies laughing*



Loved it - all of it, SO MUCH WIN!

You PWN this fandom.

That is all.
8/30/2010 c1 31foreverkneeld
Oh, I say, old ch.! Blooming funny, this! Wondrous job!

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