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12/13/2012 c9 5Million Voices
i don't mean to be annoying, but is there any chance that you may update? I know it's been years but I still have high hopes. It's such a fantastic story with so much potential that I would hate for it to go to waste.
8/8/2011 c9 Archerygurl
It's been a while since you updated and it sounds like you've been quite busy lately. This story is fun to read and ray chapter adds something new and pushes me to keep reading.

I'm pretty fond of Meer; she's being very kind to Cagalli, the random woman Athrun brought home. Her comment about Lacus makes me think she's going to get plastic surgery and to look like a replica of the pop star- maybe that's where she was the night before :O

Anyway, I'm not sure if there was any point in me leaving this review since you may not be able to update. But in case you were still pursuing this story, I wanted to say it's entertaining! And I look forward to what happens next.

(still not sure how the "dangerous affair" will happen.


- Meisha
8/4/2011 c9 29Fate Camiswhil
this was such a wonderful fic! hope you find the time to finish this!

I just love the fact that they are all somehow included to each scenes... I also love how you got each character to be open-minded and with clear intentions...

it's hard to find fics as good these days so I really wish you could continue this...^^

by the way, I just love how you didn't abuse Meer and Flay, that was so kind of you!

thanks for a nice read...

all the best of luck and God bless!

6/1/2011 c1 B2utiful
This is very interesting :) but i would like to see more asucaga.
1/3/2011 c9 4crystalleaf
This is a very interesting story~ Please do update soon!
1/2/2011 c9 rebcacca369
ermmm i don see any affair going on lol ? i was thinking its been so long and still none .maybe you should start the affiar ald ^^
12/2/2010 c9 2hellopanda23
yeah another awesome chapter! so i was just curious. do you write this story based on reviews and comments? is there no actual storyline? I mean i dont mind it but i was just wondering how it would all tie in later? I dont want to request but if there could be more...story about sai and kira's story side. i want to know waht happens.. ha ha ha ha i hope you are also taking part in this fanfiction and not just teh reviewers! ; )
11/26/2010 c9 29The Only Love For Soujiro Seta
loving it, loving it, loving it! I'm amazed that someone used Sai as a bigger character in a fanfic. Aww the interaction between Shinn/Cagalli was so cute! Milly is always the girl on top. I had hoped that Lacus would be dating Kira and Cagalli could bust out saying that she knew her and stuff but that's alright. I love the story anyway, please please keep writing!
11/13/2010 c1 1mrs. zala
hello agaain..


everything always started in good terms, then disaster after...

hahahaaa.. i wish that will happen in this story too! it will be exciting!


anyway, i thought Kira know Lacus, but i guessed he wouldn't, eh?


it is okay anyway...

i will tell you my guess now...

1. Kira and Sai started to attracted by Fllay's charm, and it will lead three of them in disaster. how about Cagalli then? what is her reaction IF Sai having affair with Fllay? (Fllay always be a devil. but character like her always make the story become more interesting). and how about Kira? i think that is the time when Lacus play her role...

2. Cagalli still can't get her belongings, because the cases still not done...or one of her belongings accidentally become one of the evidence. so, poor her...she has to stay at Athrun' house or Milly's. what is the reaction from Meer?

3. Athrun and Cagalli become more intimate in their relationship. despite many troubles happen in Cagalli's life, Athrun is the one (besides her friends) who supported her..then lead it to "something" else (their feeling). same to Cagalli as well to Athrun's life. they are supporting each other. that's why Meer really angry, because she thought Athrun has an affair with Cagalli.

4. quarrel between Athrun and Meer happened more and more happen. especially when Meer suddenly change (more obsessive, change her appearance become like Lacus, etc)

etc... (i leave it to your imagination)

hahhahaaa... i' just stating what my imagination said. hahhahaa...

btw, i'll wait your next chapter!


C u soon...
11/11/2010 c9 star
I'm interested in knowing what makes this affair dangerous...I can't give you ideas. I like you to surprise me! Good job so far.
11/11/2010 c9 3Byron12
Fllay should start fighting for sai and kira's attention and turn them against each other. Cagalli should run into yunna for last time while she is still in new york, meer should suspect that athrun and cagalli are getting closer while she stays in the house. Also had some tenison on milly and dearka's relationship cause it shows how the other characters have a impact in the story.
11/11/2010 c9 Dhevz
This is my first time reading your fanfic aaand I like it! :D Don't tell me Athrun and Cagalli will have an affair..? that's bad! T-T

anyways please update :D
11/11/2010 c9 2thesocialriotmachine
Hi! Nice chapter.

I think Meer going to undergo a surgery and change her look soon? And sai/flay,'s bad. I just hope Kira won't fall for Flay.
11/11/2010 c9 KazukiHimawari
Greatttt ,,

.can't wait too long vo d next chapp .. XD
11/11/2010 c9 1red1kyo
O’yea! That was a ‘good’ start for a dangerous affair [sai-flay?]...what’s so ‘good’ about affairs? Hehe .. It’s good when its athrun and cagalli, that is… anyway, this chapter gave me an idea. I remember you were asking who should discover the affair. I wonder if Miguel is on your list, because I solely vote for him. Interactions between cagalli and Miguel are quite often and a scene just flashed into my mind (while reading this chap.) where athrun and cagalli were acting like a real couple inside Miguel’s cab. Maybe cuddling, holding hands or making out…you name it. =) I don’t know how that could happen because athrun has his own car.

And, let’s put some action to it! :D …New York is also known for ‘night crimes’ or holdups, right? But hey, I don’t mean to make New York look bad in any ways. It’s just how most movies show what it’s like to be in NY during nights while passing by small alleys. I never been in NY but I really, really love to be there someday.

Eagerly waiting for your next chapter…!

PS. I always jump in happiness whenever I see an email from informing me that you’ve just updated your awesome fic. ;)
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