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6/5/2020 c14 8Batty Dings
Arg! Such a cliffhanger. I hope you eventually pick up this story again, you really have something fantastic here.
11/29/2019 c14 8SirensLullaby24
I know it's been a few years, but I really do hope you pick this up someday! I first read it on your Deviantart a long time ago and have been checking for updates since then. And you stopped at the best part!
8/11/2016 c1 5laprincessetolie
I really hope that you pick this back up someday! it's barely progressed and already one of the best novel fics I've ever read.
11/4/2014 c14 InYuJi
Whoa, $#it just got real. That's all I have to say.
I really do love here how Christine has come to an epiphany of what makes her feel alive.
10/24/2014 c14 45Igenlode Wordsmith
Of course, unfortunately, Raoul has no control over Philippe's choices either, and his reluctance to admit that is what got Christine into that confrontation in the first place :-p
But I can definitely see Philippe's vision as you describe it: he wants Raoul as back-up, as family, as *team* (and not being wafted back into some hippy existence). As much for himself as for Raoul - to complete his own life - but it is genuine...

"I just wanted Raoul.
"The thought came unbidden, but unobtrusively. It was not revelatory, not really. I'd felt my affection for him growing into something stronger the older we grew. It happened slowly but steadily, gently, nestling itself into my heart and waiting patiently for acknowledgement. And once I acknowledged it, it simply nodded in quiet agreement.
"...Old friends. Puzzle pieces that fit somewhere within me.
"Raoul fit right with them."
Gentle - sure - very sweet :-)

I like the idea of Baudelaire resenting cleanliness! And despite everything, after all the threat and build-up I love the way that the atmosphere in the bookshop here is an uncomplicatedly happy one for Christine: she loves, she sings, she belongs.

And then, of course, the Voice... "Behind me" (where else?) and the whole tone darkens into potent nightmare - mostly. ("Yes, Christine, go ahead and offer the creepy, staring ghost-thing customer service." :-D)

Erik is *shocked* that Christine knows him?

It's a fitting horror-story twist that the very act that a moment earlier was the one thing to be avoided at all costs (Raoul's arrival in the room) now seems to bring light and banish the danger... but Erik vanishes? Literally?
(And will Raoul make the connection with the ghost reports that excited him so much?)

"jack o'latern grin" - lantern
"cajones" - cojones
"The Voice that I rang distantly in my head" - is "I" a mistake here?
"giving the notes full reign" - rein (it's a horse-drawn metaphor)
"to the end of aisle" - "the aisle", probably
10/22/2014 c14 11emeraldphan
This is so exciting! I really love the way you write and the way you build up tension and fear. You've recreated the world of the original so well and I'm looking forward to finding out all these mysteries, like why Erik can remember his past life and how this weird situation arose.
Please update soon as it's a fascinating story and I can't wait for more!
10/22/2014 c9 emeraldphan
I really loved this chapter and Erik's shock at discovering modern Paris and it's insane traffic! Brilliantly written and I can tell you did a lot of research for it.
10/21/2014 c7 emeraldphan
I'm really loving this. Your descriptions are so well written and evocative, and I love all the background details. And Erik sounds insane! You are great at building up tension. Hope to read more soon.
10/20/2014 c4 emeraldphan
Your summary really drew me in and so far the story has not disappointed. It's very well written and you really built up the tension with the ceiling caving in. It looks like it will be very interesting, with a link between Christine and this mysterious Erik-like figure. I'm glad I found this and am looking forward to more.
10/20/2014 c14 2Lomesa
Oh, I've been waiting so long for the scene where Erik and Christine reunite/meet. And you most certainly did not disappoint. I couldn't help but see Erik in your distinctive art style as he was described through Christine's perspective.

On to the story in general, I like the pacing so far. To some I guess it might feel slow, but I like the way it gives the characters time to develop into something unique. The mystery element is playing out well too, it's definitely keeping me in suspense.

And it's not predictable! I Don't get to say that often on this site.

Your writing is also very visual and wonderfully vivid, which makes this a joy to read. I think it's the combination of body language especially that makes the characters come to life. I would suggest that you consider cutting back occasionally though. There were a few times in the previous chapters that the writing felt a little weighted down at some parts though.

And just another little thing: one or two times I felt that the a character was described as too much of a caricature. I think Philippe's girlfriend was one of them. It was very funny, but just a little too over the top to be credible.

Otherwise, this is really a great story and I'd like to thank you for sharing this :)

Can't wait to see more... If you can manage to find the time to sit down and write

10/19/2014 c14 Mominator124
Wow, you write as well as you draw - maybe even better.

What a wonderful chapter! The menace, the bewilderment, the humor (kick Philippe in the cojones?! :D), the mystery, the emotions, the fear; and best of all, it's perfectly blended together in a well written, emotionally exciting scene.

Not sure what I liked best, Christine's realization of her love for Raoul, or "Erik" suddenly bursting from her throat. Heck, I loved it all.

8/24/2014 c13 45Igenlode Wordsmith
Philippe is in his early thirties? In Chapter 7 he was five years older than Raoul, and Raoul and Christine were five-year-olds together in Perros back in Chapter 5: Christine is probably twenty, maybe as much as twenty-two (Erik has been in the hospital for 22 years in Chapter 12).
Either Raoul is quite a bit older than Christine (possible, but Ch.5 heavily implied they were the same age), or Philippe is quite a bit older than stated in passing in Ch.7: given canon precedent, I think I'd guess the latter.

Anyway... Philippe! :-D

And we have the Sorelli who is well-known to have no brains whatsoever :-p
Actually, this version seems to have inherited the fanfic-Carlotta mantle: can anyone really be quite that gratuitously obnoxious? (A vegetarian who complains about 'killing innocent carrots'?)

Philippe, on the other hand, is definitely not stupid. At least not where seeing straight through Christine's dithering is concerned...

An deeply ironic (in the context of the original) assertion that Raoul's problem with his brother's marital plans is jealousy because he can't commit to a steady relationship!

"Sailing around the world in a boat with you?" Ooops, Philippe ;-)
Well, it would explain the unexpected "prefer to be discharged" statement...

But in all honesty, I can't see any likelihood of Raoul's being able to persuade his brother out of marriage with the argument that the woman he wants has no brains: Philippe has presumably noticed that and is presumably attracted to her anyway, and 'really listening' to that criticism yet again isn't going to make any difference, however much he loves his younger brother.

Silence - solitude - bookstore - Big Foreshadowing :-(
8/24/2014 c12 Igenlode Wordsmith
A clever twist on how Erik legitimately reacquires the 'ghost' reputation... and Raoul is not looking very much like a "saint" in this chapter! I suspect Mme Giry had not had too much contact with his "inner ten-year-old" :-p

A nice little reference back to the goblin and folk tales that were a shared passion for Christine and Raoul in the original.

Ah, and the ballet/bookshop combination is explained. Although not why Antoinette is so vehemently opposed to Christine's working there after assuring Nadir that she would be able to keep an eye on her... presumably she doesn't want her there in her own absence, but "You do not need to go back to that store" does sound more as if she suspects something about the red-ink music.

Christine is starting to share Erik's awareness of her - something is coming :-(
8/24/2014 c11 Igenlode Wordsmith
So... this chapter has gone back in time "a few weeks" from the last two, it seems, and we're reverting to the day of the escape.

I'm still trying to work out the mechanics of this modern-day-reincarnation-or-whatever-it-is thing: Christine's father evidently didn't spring into the current century as a fully-formed adult (as I'd got the impression that Nadir did) but grew up in Sweden in the normal way. And Mme Giry had been dancing "her entire life" in the corps de ballet - and yet, twenty years ago, it is implied that she was in touch with Nadir and aware of their shared past, but lost contact? And in this version, Mme Giry is the foster-mother but Mme Valerius is still a friend of Christine's parents.

Some rather convoluted canon-combination going on here, methinks! :-)

From Erik's point of view, Edda's injuries are just collateral damage, since he is unaware of any connection to Christine. But from Christine's point of view, this is the first act in a crisis that she still doesn't know is coming :-(
8/24/2014 c10 Igenlode Wordsmith
This version of Mme Giry seems very much still the ballet mistress - Nadir even interprets "My girls" as potentially referring to "her ballerinas" - rather than the "devoted bibilophile" with a fetish over ruined books; it's a side of her that Christine has never mentioned, and possibly never even seen.

"I approached the platform and felt...a sort of...enormous pressure, as if there was something physically barring me from entering": it sounds as if this *is* the same phenomenon that Erik was experiencing - but confining the others within Paris rather than - as in his case - attempting to expel him from the location altogether. Almost an inversion effect, in fact...

Methodical, logical Nadir, doing the experimental rounds of all the railway stations in Paris :-)

So Erik is actually an escaped prisoner, rather than a patient in an ordinary mental institution? And Mme Valerius, even as a nurse, is still married to a Professor of Music...

I was wondering what the reason for Nadir and Antoinette suddenly popping into existence(?) as adults twenty years earlier could have been; then it dawned on me. Christine. Of course, Christine...

And the current master plan is for Nadir simply to shadow Christine and wait for Erik to find her :-( Presumably they reckon that, even if Erik plans to "kill the boy", he won't do that until after he has at least located Christine.
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