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1/1/2015 c13 Roxanne
Ok wouldn't Harry have been even a little nostalgic on the anniversary of his parents' deaths?
1/1/2015 c6 Roxanne
You are soooooo trying to get more reviews!
12/31/2014 c1 Roxanne
No, Winky is definitely alive! She appears in the fifth and sixth books as well.
12/23/2014 c15 Guest
i hope everything is okay. i have only just started reading this story, but it's really good and i love it. i hope you know that heaps of people appreciate your work and would love for you to continue.
have a good christmas.
12/20/2014 c15 1SortedStars
12/17/2014 c7 TrisPrior06
This story is absolutely wonderful! You are an amazing writer! Please keep going!
12/13/2014 c15 Guest
It's been years since you last wrote
11/15/2014 c15 lilkathra
love to know what happens next
11/4/2014 c15 umm
where is the rest of the story?
not meaning to be rude or anything, i was just wondering if there is more to it or not, because u said 'i will never ever stop writing this story' but that was like 2 years ago.
just wondering if there is going to be more... because albus hasn't been born yet, so it's not really his 'birth story'
10/12/2014 c5 5missmaddiej
Fave character Toph cannon ship katang non cannon ship zutara ep Sozin's commit part 4 book 3 fave bending fire I imagine bring a watar beneder
10/8/2014 c7 1FlamingFangirl
It was great but you can't have dinner on the Eiffel Tower.
10/8/2014 c4 FlamingFangirl
You are a really good writer and I hope you write SO much more
9/14/2014 c15 MrsCloWeasley
Hope you finish this story
9/14/2014 c11 MrsCloWeasley
I have tears in my Hermione speech...
8/21/2014 c15 gtfoginny
If u don't write this I will be sad so please. I mean come on! 3 freaking years...tut tut tut
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