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for Forever and Always Broken

7/16/2011 c13 2Al3xisCull3n
Omg! I can totally not believe you just killed off the wholecullen family! Are you crazy? I hope you wrote a sequel and I'm going to have a deeks to see if you have!
7/16/2011 c3 Al3xisCull3n
This story is really good, Lindon should go die though!
7/14/2011 c14 xxxPeacexxx
SEQUEL! Definitely write a sequel. There is a unique storyline- a bit confusing but cool
7/11/2011 c14 CrbRocks
eeeppppp make a sequel
7/9/2011 c13 XoXoxx
i think you definitely need a sequel! there's so much more that could happen :o go for it =)
7/9/2011 c14 3nickiecullenforlife


5/21/2011 c13 nickiecullenforlife
Ok well... wow!

I am really really confused!

Its really good but confusing

4/8/2011 c12 Renesmee C. Cullen da original
4/3/2011 c12 XoXoxx
woahhh ok! i gotta sayy i'm thoroughly confused :P i have no clue what's happeninggg or why people disappeared xD its definitely interesting :) and i like the detail! =) thanks for mentioning me, really glad i could help ^.^ keep it up~ looking forward to reading what happens next!
3/22/2011 c11 XoXoxx
hey! so first thing, i think you should disable the block against anon reviews :P people just might be too lazy to sign in and stuff, i almost didn't review cuz of that but i figured you needed some motivation~ and also i know a lot of people that dont make accounts and will probably not make one just so they can review :) i'm not really a writer, but i do really like reading the stories that people come up with... i think you should keep writing regardless of the reviews, i know they keep you motivated as a writer, i hear that all the time, but you should believe in your story as well you know? speaking of which, i do like how this story is going :) it's got a good mix of human emotions and interesting super powers, though i cant say i really understand reneesme's powers, maybe you could clarify somehow next chappy? or just in an author's note or something, whatever works :) umm what else, i love how you spelt aaron :P havent seen it spelt that way before~ soo im hoping this story goes well & that you continue, im wondering what'll happen with aaron (can't remember how you spelt it :P all i know is it was close to airien?) i'll check once i finish reviewing lol anyhoo him and coraline, and the wolves & reneesme considering she hasnt imprinted yet.. which reminds my lyndon's a unique name too lol good job with that :) so thats about it! i'm deifnitely wondering whats gunna go on lol keep with it~ update soon? oh ps. maybe you could put in a little more description, like describe their surroundings more, how things look, the weather, peoples expressions..and i think you should try avoiding the _ and I's statements, rearrange it, i just think it makes the sentence sounds choppy? anyhoo don't be offended or anything, honestly just trying to help (constructive criticism you know?) :) anyways take care~ ill be following the story so hope you update :)
2/19/2011 c11 CrbRocks
please start updating your storys linsey and not your house of night and fablehaven ones please!
12/21/2010 c1 Peperocks
I luv it :D
11/29/2010 c8 nickiecullenforlife
poor Dusttie

I think I know who those wovles were ahhhhhh they were...

Not telling

Where did you get Renesmee falling down a hill?

Are you mocking me!

Love the story!


11/29/2010 c7 nickiecullenforlife
Love the name!

Love the their personatally!

Love the background!

Love this story!

Love the person who is writting this story!

My bestie is an awesome writter
11/29/2010 c6 nickiecullenforlife
O.o Airenn?...

What an awesome way to spell it!

Trance Nikkie been there

love it!
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