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1/30 c4 Adi Gala
Revenge is not the way of the Jedi or Airbenders. It is very good and very interesting.
11/16/2010 c4 10Leoni Liponscovi
10/16/2010 c2 intergalacticbodymovinboys
It was a great introduction but I only had one problem.

In Avatar:The last Airbender and Starwars my favorite show and movie(s) the introduction is very slow and it introduces it self well. For example, in Star Wars the Episode I they introduce Anakin, a young boy with great potential to become a Padewan and soon a great Jedi and they never jump from one place to the next. In Avatar:The last Airbender we also discover a naive boy who is suprisingly the avatar they introduce him and show all his traits.

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