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11/9/2021 c11 Guest
La reaccion de remus es la que mas me hizo llorar :'c
Es tan triste pero a la vez hermoso!
Estoy llorando por sirius :'c
10/3/2021 c11 guest
This chapter shocked me even as an AU until I noticed its publication date and realized how thoroughly canonshafted it had been. I despise all the Marotters (perfect sobriquet from Alethea27) and was nauseated by this hagiographic account of a gang of bullies, then saw that of course you couldn't have known their nature when you wrote it.

The fic's quality is very high overall. The chapter was ~very~ well written! - not at all your fault that it hit me like a lump of lead.

Small niggle: 'Raiders' was released in mid-June 1981, almost a year after HP's birth and less than five months before his parents' deaths. If Lily had had the hots for movie-star Ford, it would have been for the shady spacegoing smuggler. (The Earthbound cruiser was before he hit it big.)
7/16/2021 c1 Coffee toffee
Me:*trusted peeves* Oh. O.o f this s im out
3/28/2021 c1 stapletapewormsonmypenis
For a story written before even OotP was released, the characters are captured brilliantly. It's so fucking impressive how canon compliant it manages to be while the entire canon wasn't even out.

3/3/2020 c5 1Snarker
Wasn't Sirius dead by this point? its either six year or fifth year (also, where is slughorn?)
5/3/2019 c4 reddir
Laying in bed, tears in my eyes after reading this. Seems quite real to me, genuine reactions.
12/27/2018 c12 36Temple Cloud
Don'tgiveahoot has announced that this story is now on permanent hiatus, and that readers are welcome to write their own ending. So - given what we now know about Harry being a Horcrux, and Dumbledore intending him to work this out and hand himself over to Voldemort to be killed (and guessing, though he kept this from Snape, that Harry would probably survive and only the piece of Voldemort's soul in him be destroyed) - what happens now? Is the soul-fragment destroyed by Harry hanging himself, or does Horcrux-magic have to be destroyed by substances like magic fire or basilisk venom? At this stage, does Snape know about Harry being a Horcrux, and what Dumbledore had planned for him - and how does that make him feel now? Presumably Dumbledore still needs to recruit members of the Order of the Phoenix to destroy the remaining Horcruxes - but who, and how? And could it help some of them, especially Ron, come to terms with Harry's death?
12/26/2018 c5 a2i9
Oh Trelawney. What an oblivious trainwreck.
12/26/2018 c4 a2i9
This is such an amazingly written story. I'll be honest, I don't usually like angst, but your characters and tone of writing is just brilliant.
10/28/2017 c12 4seldombites
I read this a few years ago and I've re-read it several times since. I still cry every time, too. It's such a shame it has been abandoned. I know you put it up for adoption. Did anyone ever take you up on that?
5/21/2017 c12 2Luxurious Hellgirl
Jesus fucking christ this is deep and emotional. Im sitting on my bed just trying to hold back tears and its not working. You've captured all the various emotions that not only come from death but the ones that come with voluntary death, the what ifs and the should haves. This was deep man.
4/30/2017 c12 S
It's a shame that this fic wasn't completed. As someone who has been personally affected by suicide, the characters' reactions are realistic and relateable, and their heartbreak is so tangible.
5/5/2016 c4 9Secre
I don't know how many times I've read this. Every time it brings me to tears. Every. Single. Time.
4/8/2016 c1 4Black2Nerdy
Gotta say bravo, you really nailed this chapter
8/5/2015 c12 5KarisTasogare
That it is AU need not be said (at least not for we who have eyes open)
And yet, in some ways it might not be, given all that went on in harrys life in 5th year.
True he had not scored victorys against Riddle, nor been pulled form the House team due to bad marks.
but yet the underlying causes were there and the story still works even if set at the end of the year (no Sirius thou, unless the MoM nbattel went differently)
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