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for Myrddin Emrys Returns

6/9 c14 Guest
death eater trash snape dumble rent boi lol
6/6 c7 Guest
child abuser prison for you dursley trash
5/31 c3 KB4RC
I can't believe it took 9 years to write this story. Serpensortia is the true spelling.
5/15 c40 csheila
Outstanding description of carnage.

I hope they devote the time to creating more effectivecweapons
5/15 c39 csheila
Excellent and so nuch than untrained children
5/14 c36 csheila
Outstanding that you let Astoria handle it
5/14 c33 csheila
Go get the Reglan makers.

No the Brits dont eff around
5/14 c32 csheila
Going forward you cab only be you. Forgive yourself eveb though medixation was at fault. Focus on what you want now and take baby steps toward it. Soon they will be big steps
5/13 c26 csheila
Nicely done
5/13 c22 csheila
It was terrific and overdue. But it’s nit your fault. Harry is slow with emotions. But the ball, drressing up, and dancing close pushed him over the edge
5/13 c21 csheila
The story is already done. But as lesbian i ask you to pull back on some ofthe homophobia. So far its been schoolboy stuff. But this is how it starts. Too often itvebds with physical harm and even death
5/13 c19 csheila
Oh man, I am so sorry about your health.

Someone needs to read Harry the riot act about not asking Daphne out. Sirius neededto do it. But it looks like his big sister Hermione will do it.

Of course, Draco is messed up. His father is a sadist who hangs closeky with rapists and sadists. Why else woukd he bring his thugs to help rape Daphne at 13.
5/13 c18 csheila
So sorry about the tummy issues. I hope you hung in out there
5/13 c15 csheila
I loved it

I hated how stupid everyone was in POA (though it was my favorite)
5/13 c14 csheila
Never apologize for being sick. I suffer crhonic migraines and cognitive difficulties. Not everyone functions st 100% and that’s okay
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