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6/7/2016 c1 16nicayal
I'm not sure if you still receive notifications about reviews, but hi anyway. Apiegohome has been encouraging me to read A Lesser Beauty for ages. So, logically it follows that I read a different story of yours instead? Just go with it.

I'm not generally a fan of present tense narration, but in some instances I think it can be quite effective and this is one of those situations, imo. The fic was short enough for it not to get tiresome, and the content was gripping enough that it keeps readers quite effectively in the moment.

There's something mundane about the events leading up to a tragedy. Yet, at the same time, they can become indelible after the fact. Even though it wasn't presented like this, I almost felt like the scenes leading up to the crash were memories, events that Roxas revisited on repeat throughout his recovery, almost in PTSD-induced real-time.

And I appreciate that the ending didn't try to offer some relevatory concession to what happened. Because sometimes life is just life, and life as a rule sometimes just sucks.

The brief reference to Axel was also quite memorable. I was still thinking about this over-chatty kid whose life got cut short long after the end of the fic.

This was heartbreaking but your prose was vividly executed. I look forward to reading A Lesser Beauty when I get a chance to really devote some time to it.
9/17/2015 c1 22apiegohome
I liked this one, why doesn't it have more reviews? Because people are romantics. There was some intense descriptions going on in this one...when he woke up with the bodies all around him - I'm not gonna lie, I felt physically sick. So really good job! It certainly was a gripping read.
3/16/2012 c1 32owlpostagain
I don't understand how I stalk your profile all the time and still find stories that I haven't read...for god's sake, there are only 8, you'd think I'd have read them all by now. then again, maybe it's good that I haven't, it gives me a good excuse to let your words completely unravel me at 6AM.
11/30/2010 c1 2meowfactory
I feel a bit light-headed, because I kept inadvertently holding my breath while I was reading this.

((Potential torn away from him, a boy whose name he'll never know.)) Ffffffuuu perfect.
9/5/2010 c1 3Yarouka
How did I just know when I saw the title of this in my inbox that it would be a tragedy. Lol, after expressing that to my siblings, I read the fic, and holy shit. That was really tragic. The writing was so blatant and it created an impressing foreboding vibe. Mega kudos there! I loved the honesty. There were none of those cliche things that make Roxas turn into a 'happy normal person' in some cliche AU. You were unconventional in all the right ways. Roxas didn't have a light in the dark, he didn't have any one who cared, he was just dully existing.

Well, like I said, kudos. But now I'm totally depressed, dammit! Lol.

9/4/2010 c1 26Kyrian

I'm...not really sure what else to say.
9/2/2010 c1 Flightfoot
I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for, the people who died or the one person who survived.
9/2/2010 c1 57CherryFlavoredChalk
You continue to write things that undo me. Each and every time.

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