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7/1 c49 KarrieBee
Just finished reading this and I loved it. (although chapter 44 shattered my heart into a million pieces)
It's beautifully written and so well thought out. Brilliant story!
6/30 c49 1Akira'sLand
Someone obliviate me. I want to read the whole thing again with no idea of what’s going to happen next. Please. I am crying I loved it so much.
6/29 c44 Hermionegranger
That was the saddest thing I have ever read in a book. So so sad. I cried with the joke. That was so too sad
6/29 c43 Hermionegranger
Thank you again. I cried with tonks. Great story loved every second
6/28 c31 Hermionegranger
Hello. I'm a writer myself mostly with jurassic world because I don't have a great harry potter idea! Just wanted to say I love your story and thanks heaps
6/26 c33 10sarah.shilo
This story is utterly beautiful . I found it two days ago and I’ve been magnetized to it. Hope it’s something you envy indeed and that is so beautiful…
6/24 c2 Guest
They are way too many bad words, but you capture the personalities quite well!
6/21 c1 1ThatHogwartsDemigodIrisRMW
This is the best dramione fan fiction ever!
6/20 c3 Girly G Studios
I’m sorry for your loss, but I wanna let you know that we so support you and we love your stories. Keep doing what you love, wether it’s writing or something else, keep doing it. Stay strong!
6/18 c27 2TinPrincessOfEutopia
“My village bike of a mother” I haven’t ever heard that before and guffawed loudly for a good 5 minutes
I never leave reviews but I loved Hunted and I’m loving this story as well. It’s your writing style and skill that has me hooked. You have great skill; thank you for sharing it with us!
6/13 c49 CrookshanksG
As a BIG Romione fan, this is my first time reading a Dramione fanfic. I ran out of Romione ff, I had to try this. Haha.
I must say, I enjoyed it, unexpectedly. And did not regret reading it. Thank you.
But, I’m not reading anymore dramione ff. As much as I enjoyed it, (I finished it in two days), my heart aches for Ron in some scenes. My heart is just for R/H through and through.
Well-written though! Esp Draco and how you kept his character’s personality from the OG, like being blunt, but with redeeming factors. I enjoyed their harmless banters.
Worth the try. :)
6/10 c49 Night
Since when was Fred gay? I think it was quite unnecessary, given that there are no hints of it in the book. For instance in the books it clearly states both Lee and Fred are heterosexual.
6/9 c49 Nicky
Hi bex chen I really loved this story
6/9 c49 Guest
“I hope this is ok”
This was bloody brilliant! Love this Dramione fic, probably the best one I’ve read yet! And the epilogue was marvelous by the way!
6/6 c30 Kitty meow
I know you said not to yell at you for the cliff hanger but T HATE YOU. Tbh tho it was a good chapter
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