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1h c6 FreeElf394
I have just discovered this story yesterday, also from a random YouTube video! Lol Anyway, this is amazing! I can not stop reading, and I’m loving it.
6h c49 GhostWolf
Okay, I know I'm late to the party of reading this but, I've read it other the past week and I have fallen in LOVE with it! The story brings you on a rollercoaster of emotions, from the beginning of the story where the two despise each other, to then falling in love, and then to the sadness of some chapters and then to the battle of Hogwarts and finally, to 11 years later. Thank you mate for writing this, it will always be here to read as a sort of reminder that love is crazy and two enemies can fall in love just like two best friends can. I give this entire story a massive 20/10, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read about how Draco and Hermione could be a thing.
6/18 c6 Aesthetic bunny
Loved it!
6/17 c20 Dxilyn
This is my third time rereading this books and I honestly believe this is how the book should have gone! 3
Author you are amazing!
6/17 c13 Hyena
6/17 c12 Hyena
6/17 c8 Hyena
It is good
6/17 c49 1Nymphadora1236
I haven’t fanfics for so long but when I heard about this fic on a random YouTube video, I knew I had to find and read it. I am so glad I did because I love this story so much! The details, the perspectives, the names of their kids?! Ohmygod it’s just so written beautifully. I was heartbroken, laughing and feeling sad throughout this story. The part after the battle when they were in their room again, I could see all those scenes flashing in my mind and it was amazing. Thank you so much for writing this and dedicating all those hours into it. For anybody reading the review to decide to read it or not, please go ahead and do so. I don’t think you would want to miss this one. Love it, love you for writing it, Bex
6/17 c46 Nymphadora1236
Holy….I did not realised that I NEEDED that scene between the mothers and Bellatrix! That was epic!
6/17 c16 Guest
Love your imagination and all the work you put into this fic. As there are a lot of (young) women reading this, I hoped for a more feminist approach of the sex scene; written from the perspective of HG, where she feels in control, the fore play is more than just away of making her ready for him and soothing her pain, but where her pleasure plays a predominant role etc.
6/16 c40 Nymphadora1236
Ah shit I’m almost scared to read the rest of it! Hahahaha. love the moment between Draco and Andromeda. Am I gonna be heartbroken with Tonks dying or is she gonna survive this? Ahhhh
6/15 c26 4Elsie.S
Ok I haven’t reviewed this story yet, and I know I should have, but I’ve been like an addict for the past few days, compulsively clicking next at the end of each chapter (also been using this story as my way to unwind in between revisions, and didn’t always have it in me to write anything).
Where should I start? I guess with the fact that it’s bloody good! If I’m being honest I wasn’t convinced at the beginning, mostly because there was so much angst and abuse between those two, and I’m already stressed out by my exams and couldn’t always cope with it, but as you said, they needed to be in character and their mutual hatred made perfect sense. I’m glad I continued reading though, because the way you developed things was amazing! I love the way you didn’t just turn hate into lust and actually took the time to show how both their mindset evolved. It all felt very organic and logical. I also really enjoyed that first sex scene, the hesitation and slight inexperience. They’re after all still so young, and it wouldn’t have made sense for them to be gods in the sheets.
Also that confrontation! When Hermione asks Draco to pick a side after the attack at St Mungo’s! That was very well written! It was dramatic, but without the melo. I like the fact Hermione would come back to him and remain firm, but understand his situation too. All too often you see this sort of scenario drag on and on, but she’s clever and mature and her reaction in your story in perfect for her character.
Oh and their goodbye also nearly made me cry. Your writing is excellent, I felt I was there, under the rain with them, feeling every bit of hurt in my chest as the scene unfolded. Their reaction after is also good. I was afraid for a bit that they might both be devastated for days in bed, but Hermione quickly found her courage again, and Draco applied his own methods to himself (from when he shook her after she obliviated her parents), and that’s how I was expecting them to be.
I’m completely thrilled by this Slytherin reunion you cooked up, and can’t wait to read more! Well done for including lesser used characters from Slytherin (I do love Theo and Blaise but sometimes in other stories it feels like they’re the only ones from Draco’s class), and I’m really curious to see what you’ll do with them.
Lastly, glad to finally read a bit more about the Luna mystery. I had been wondering who that pair of eyes on Christmas day belonged to (although I was convinced I was Minerva).
The only sort of negative comment I’d have is purely practical but has been on my mind every time I read about it: in the dorm’s kitchen, how can a muggle kettle function in Hogwarts knowing muggle stuff are not supposed to work and there is no electricity? I know I’m being silly, but it did bother me ’
Anyway, I think you can now count me among your fans, and I’m completely hooked by this story! I’ll try to review more often in the next chapters, but it’s so bloody good I sometimes just don’t want to stop, and can’t promise anything ;)
6/15 c31 1Nymphadora1236
first, i had honestly forgotten that Tonks died in the books and movies. the scene in this chap when she came to her mother asking to take care of Teddy was so heartbreaking. secondly, i dont remember if we read Hermione's perspective of the torture in the books but i thought that scene in this chap was great!
6/14 c44 Guest
Why does rereading this still make me sob. I can’t remember I read something that made me cry this much
6/14 c10 Advait Girish
Hey im loving this Fan Fic so far. out of curiosity hermoine earlier said that it was made clear that nothing would happen with her and ron before harry and Ron left. So if they slept together what happened between them that made her think this
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