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for Love's Protection sequel to Another World

9/18/2017 c42 Fanta
I loved this story please please please carry on it Is so good
5/30/2015 c2 HPFAN
Poor Hermione and Harry and Ciara. . . .
5/30/2015 c1 HPFAN
So, I read the first one, and I was really mad that you killed Cedric when you had the choice to save him, but then I found out that you had a sequel, so I'm reading it just because it's better than not finding out what happens to Hermione and Ciara. I hope that she finds love with someone else. XD (-
2/11/2012 c1 3lovablemesweet16
hey ihave read your story and i must admit that it is awesome and great but it sadden me that you don't have a sequel to it, and please have a sequel to it so that the three of them are complete and a happy family,and by the way i love the way you insert a Cedric/Hermione/Harry/Cho lovestory. but please write a sequel to it again because it is really a great story.


1/12/2012 c42 15Flower in the Bloom
This... was..., GREAT! You are an amazing writer
6/17/2011 c41 12madmaddiee
Now, that was just mean. Great stories!
6/17/2011 c42 jessirose85
it's finished already?

I hope there is a sequel xx

great story
6/4/2011 c40 20WheresUrMoose
great chapter...although quite short...i understand why it was so short...

interesting to hear who was her "compatable" match...could tell it pissed Cedric off a little bit...he was certainly at least briefly jealous...

eagerly awaiting more!
6/4/2011 c39 WheresUrMoose
decent chapter...a little disappointed about the torture thing..

it was amusing to hear about the muggle way of torture but its merey because of what it is that i doubt the Death Eaters would ever use it...they despise muggles...i don't believe they'd ever use muggle torture...it'd be like a Nazi enjoying spending his free time in a synogogue...

other than that setback it was actually quite good
6/4/2011 c38 WheresUrMoose
still brilliant! so happy you brought my wolfman back into it...am really hoping my lovely Mr.Black returns soon...

can't wait to read next chapter...
6/4/2011 c37 WheresUrMoose
i feel as if you've put me in a trance...i cant stop reading this story
6/4/2011 c36 WheresUrMoose
great chapter.,...scared the crap out of me when Harry was bewitched though...that was a brilliant installment for the moment...a bit forboding even...
6/4/2011 c35 WheresUrMoose
another brilliant chapter...i expected nothing less...

loved how you brought Trelawney back...i had begun to miss her in the books and other fanfics...including this one...she always made me laugh...
4/30/2011 c35 MirrorMirror123
Such a good story, keep it up! :)
3/26/2011 c30 WheresUrMoose
this story is so fucking brilliant...once again eagerly awaiting the next chapter...

keep up the good work!
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